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  1. Great work guys! As far as suggestions for what I'd like to see in the engine, Hardware occlusion would be nice, I remember someone started work on it and didn't have a huge amount left to do, just a few things. For the engine plugin thing, perhaps have various interchangeable parts of the engine non-statically compiled and put in some sort of linked library, for example the physics engine could be in a "physics.dll" in the same directory as the engine and it could contain Bullet or PhysX and the abstraction layer for the engine. That way if I wanted to switch between Bullet or PhysX, I could just copy/paste a DLL instead of recompiling. Oooh, what kinda features?
  2. But how does that compare to stock torque physics?
  3. Why isn't Bullet the stock physics engine anyway? It has most if not all the modern features you'd want in a physics engine, and it's open source, so unlike PhysX, it's source could be distributed with the engine.
  4. Also as feedback, the fullscreen button should be enabled. It's annoying to have to open a new tab just to watch a video in fullscreen.
  5. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/3d/3dfb55aad54797770e4680579a7dbc6291dbba1d433f26e4e3170ced9f08fa24.jpg
  6. I imagine the shadows are handled separately from the light propagation.
  7. Could you possibly upload another version of the video, but this time all the trails are the Nyan Cat trail and everything makes the Nyan Cat song when it's moving? Even the Cheetah, but only when it's moving. Thanks in advance.
  8. Dude, that looks awesome, pretty soon we'll be close to Unreal Engine 4 level technology!
  9. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/3d/3dfb55aad54797770e4680579a7dbc6291dbba1d433f26e4e3170ced9f08fa24.jpg
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