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  1. Run the prebuilt binary, windows 10 machine, RTX2080 video, launch the 4.0 binary, click on launch GUI editor, as soon as it comes up, click file->close editor. On main screen hit launch GUI editor again, crash to desktop. Reproduce 100%. Launch prebuilt binary, click on launch world editor, then click on file->exit level, then click on launch world editor, crashes to desktop, reproduce 100%, same problem as launching the gui editor. I haven't loaded up the code to look just working with the binaries and ran into those two.
  2. Not sure how useful this is because I used the latest project manager v2.2 but I figured I would post it just in case. Grabbing this 3.10rc code drop, unzipping, dropping in the built project manager, create a game using the full template, all default selections (maybe add minidump support) Open in visual studio 2012 on a win10 machine and attempt to compile and link. Here is what you need to do to make it work. In the DLL project....... Cannot open include file nfd.h need to add ................./Engine/lib/nativeFileDialogs/include to all configurations (prepend with where ever you have the files located) Cannot open Al/Al.h need to add ................/Engine/lib/openal-soft/include too all configurations (also prepend with where ever you have the files located) Error 50 error C2039: 'smConnectionNotify' : is not a member of 'Net' \engine\source\platform\test\nettest.cpp 79 Need to change the net::smConnectionNotify.notify...... to Net::getConnectionNotifyEvent().notify.... for all instances..... and Net::smConnectionReceive.notify to Net::getConnectionReceiveEvent().notify and all the ones that are .receive as well that are in the same file if it says notify then its getConnectionNotifyEvent() if it says receive it is getConnectionReceiveEvent() Linking problem Error 80 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Component::setOwner(class Entity *)" (?setOwner@Component@@QAEXPAVEntity@@@Z) referenced in function "public: bool __thiscall Entity::addComponent(class Component *)" (?addComponent@Entity@@QAE_NPAVComponent@@@Z) .............................................\buildFiles\VisualStudio 2012\projects\entity.obj In the DLL project you will see that under T3D folder that the components folder and code is missing create components folder, add the existing files to it. then add all the other missing folders in that same location under the components folder from that directory (animation, camera, collision, game, physics, and render) Engine -> T3D -> components -> animation Engine -> T3D -> components -> camera Engine -> T3D -> components -> collision Engine -> T3D -> components -> game Engine -> T3D -> components -> physics Engine -> T3D -> components -> render the folders and code are already in the source code, they are just not in the DLL project itself. so you have to create those filters and add the existing code. Then it compiles, links and runs just fine. (platform windows obviously : ) A quick check and any other settings (like select opengl, or other modules, etc all have the same problem, or more problems). Maybe that will help someone, could just be project manager issues, but the PM is still handy for creating projects with solution files.
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