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  1. i think mass df assignment is very harmful in a game loop, but i don't have direct evidence to proof it. when i use "for(%i = 0;%i<%largeNumber;%i++){}" to test TS, the static field didn't show much difference from dynamic field, wth
  2. Torsion has two big problems imo: 1.Torsion does not support unicode, which means if u edit CJK in script, you'll be screwed. 2.Torsion's search text function was quite slow compare to VS or other text editing wares. i hope this two porblems would be fixed.
  3. search *.dml in game/art .it was in the template folder also
  4. i searched through source code and didn't find anything related to this dml file thing.so i'm not sure if i'd remove it from shipping package.
  5. there is a testing folder under the source folder only contains a unit test framework and a memroy tester, where's other unit tests?
  6. Some runnable test cases should be great. i couldn't find it in the source code. lack of torque3d gfx examples you know :roll:
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