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  1. The game is still in development, there is a video about inventory system We should totally get them into the IRC or the discord server.
  2. Stuff is happening. We are on IRC most of the time.
  3. Thanks for the clarification and I made the feature request. https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/issues/1917
  4. Hey @JeffR Thanks for the overview on 3.10 RC and 4.00. Is there any where I can put a feature request for T3D? I do not want to post on the T3D Github and get in trouble.
  5. I have been out of the loop for a bit. What does 3.10 and 4.0 bring to the table for Torque 3D?
  6. Hey dmitry - This is a super cool game engine. I just watched the demo videos and I am very impressed. I would suggest adding a license file for your engine. :) Great stuff, HeadClot
  7. Ok, here is why I suggested Itch.io 1. It would give Torque 3D more exposure than just putting up an standard storefront on this site. I am unsure how many people are aware of torque 3D anymore. Itch.io could give a good boost to torque 3d. 2. It would act as a centralized place for us to get assets, projects, and the like from. 3. Everything they are doing is open source from the client to the server software. So If we wanted to do our own store front for torque we could do that. 4. We do not have to host a store front which will up the cost of hosting this site.
  8. I would recommend using itch.io
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