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  1. Hi, Just messaging to confirm if there is still a need for external assistance by budding game developers? I am currently working on my own games at the minute with a separate career on the side. Art, Programming, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc... Not looking to devalue other developer efforts or the contractor side of things by performing odd jobs for beer money now and again. A intermittent stream of grunt work is my preference with a rate of no more than 5/100 bucks per job. If the need is there and you want to pay someone to do odd bits of grunt work... cool. If not, no worries. :) Kind Regards, Sean.
  2. Hi LukasPJ, Thank you for the information. It is much appreciated. Kind Regards, Sean
  3. Johxz, All of your assistance is much appreciated. Thank you. :) Kind Regards, Sean.
  4. Hi LukasPJ I completely understand and thank you for your patience. Much appreciated. Kind Regards, Sean
  5. Hi Johz, your not doing the same thing. Not related to Torque 3D only or at all. Separate venture. Thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, In order to improve the internal development processes, Plasis Games is looking to source any game development projects that are no longer active, in use or planned to be decommissioned/removed due to one of the below states. - Abandoned - Cancelled - Released but inadequately marketed - Completed but never released - Partially completed - Game Project fragments Examples: small games, tech demos, student projects, etc... If they are using up needed space on your computer/server, hosting costs for the game are too much or all efforts to get the game market have not delivered any return on investment... Plasis Games will buy them from you. Contact: info@plasisgamesportal.com All queries are negotiable. Kind Regards, Sean Brady Plasis Games
  7. Looking for quotes for 3d props to populate several rooms. Consistent style required across all objects. Objects include items commonly residing the stated locations; Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Three Bedrooms(Double Bed) Hallway 3d Format: Blender 3d/DAE Textures required: Diffuse, Specular, Normal Contact: info@plasisgamesportal.com Pricing amount and method negotiable. Related to project being released as freeware for UK studio. Not related to Torque but another game engine. Everything else in place, story/design/functionality/etc... Guaranteed release.
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