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  1. If the telnet console is still part of the engine, you could use the python library telnetlib to interact with the server. Telnet is not secure, so don't go accessing remote machines with it, it will be Ok for use on a lan.
  2. I was messing with this earlier, and noticed that switching light managers results in completely different appearance for textures with accumulation. Can anyone confirm if they also see this?
  3. Is it possible to leave the division function as it is now, but add an assert in debug mode for division by zero? Doing that won't affect performance of release builds at all, but will highlight potential problems when run in debug mode.
  4. Hi Guys, I have been trying to use the accumulation feature but am not having any success. When I set the accumap and enable the accumulation feature in the material, objects with that material lose their bump/specular etc, and begin to flicker as the viewer moves around. I see this behavior with the latest precompiled pacific demo and with my own versions. There are no console errors, just wacky visuals. Has anyone else observed this?
  5. Hopefully this can help with the profiler interpretation - Visualize the profiler output
  6. GuyA

    OrbitObject Camera

    A little more background info - My bug report from 2011
  7. Any idea what's going on with the Enterprise profile? Lots of the functions have negative values for the time, which shouldn't happen.
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