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  1. @Steve_Yorkshire thank you so much!
  2. Thanks a lot! Looks like the Alien Pack is the only one not there, which is the one I was really after, but oh well.
  3. Does anyone here know if the old GarageGames Art Packs are available somewhere else? The ones such as the Alien Art Pack (and combo), the Zombie Art Pack, etc. Garagegames.com seems to have been all but abandoned, and the shopping cart and checkout no longer functions.
  4. @LukasPJ Yes, at the very least, that would help immensely. There should be a common header that can be used on all (sub)sites. I've been doing some research on PHPBB, and it seems that should be possible. I don't know about the wiki, I didn't look into that. I'd love to help out with some of this, let me know what I can do.
  5. It would be great to have a single, cohesive site. Right now, even though the landing page, wiki, and forum are under the same domain (torque3d.org), they are not a single, navigable page. When I go to the forums, I can't get to the wiki easily. When I'm on the wiki, there are no links back to the homepage or the forum.
  6. [mention]JeffR[/mention] From what I've read in your work blog, it sounds as though 4.0 may solve quite a few things. I like the workflow and user-friendliness of Unity, and it sounds as though 4.0 will be much closer to that. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have other ideas, and I'd like to help. Should I take that to a different forum?
  7. I guess I'm one of the aforementioned "old hands rolling back in." I've been into Torque since TGE 1.3. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Torque, and I've always periodically checked in on the site(s) for news and updates over the years. I've attempted to use Unity and UE4 for my never-get-anywhere game projects, but I always come back to Torque. Being a lone wolf, true indy developer, I truly like the idea of having access to the source and not having to pay huge royalties to another company should I ever complete a game. And now that T3D is open source, I like it even better. I'm very excited for 4.0. I'm hoping that with it, some of my never-get-anywhere game projects turn into get-somewhere-somehow projects.
  8. Maybe consolidate everything down to one domain, and use subdomains for all the projects. Or, go for some of the cheaper TLDs like .biz or .info. I feel like we've reached a time and place on the Internet where the perception of "cheaper" domains has changed, and no one cares anymore and looks down on them like they used to.
  9. Thanks guys, that helps a ton. But wouldn't it be the "Proper" thing to use them, since Torque is such a heavily Server/client oriented engine? I also imagine that if I wanted to make it multiplayer later, using datablocks would be beneficial.
  10. Total noob question here. I've read through the documentation and several of the old books (3D Game Programming AIO, The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque), but I'm having some difficulty wrapping my head around datablocks, more specifically how they are used. Let's say I am making a game with many items and sub-types of items, ie swords: iron sword, steel sword, wooden sword ...; or jars: glass jars, clay jars, big jars, little jars, etc... Do I create a single datablock for each high level thing (Sword, Jar), and then have objects that inherit from those types? OR, do I create a unique datablock for each sub-type (big jar, little jar)? OR... how do I go about doing this?
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