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  1. "War.....war never changes..." :lol:
  2. Oh wow nice! me too! :ugeek: How to use Emacs and TorqueScript :roll: Info: IDEs and Editor for TorqueScript That's great! Although I'm pretty sure soon some heathen will chime in and say "oh but i use vim!!!" :D
  3. @JeffR Thanks, your work blog had almost convinced me to stick to torque, i just needed a nudge to take the plunge which is why i posted on the forum. The kind folks here already provided that and i'm happy to announce you have a convert! :lol:
  4. @LukasPJ Yeah as a matter of fact, i do hate auto-generated code and a lot of stuff that i don't understand in my project tree :lol: I've looked at all these resources and others before(i've had my eye on torque ever since it went opensource :P ) and t3d-bones framework has indeed proved very valuable! Thanks
  5. @Duion Yeah you're right. Godot seems pretty good for 2D and the tools seem nice as well but their 3D is still a work in progress. Urho seems well designed but so far no shipped titles and a lack of good tools. It seems like a good starting point for building an engine on top of though. There are a lot of other choices as well but most are either unmaintained or just toys that their author lost interest in. Idtech 4 is interesting but if you haven't fiddled with id engines in the past then it has a significant upfront cost of getting to know the code-base and tools etc since there are almost
  6. @Johxz Thanks, you've convinced me to spend more time with torque and experiment some more. Let's see where that gets me! :D @L3zak You're completely correct about both engines and I too prefer flexibility and doing things my own weird way(I prefer emacs over an ide and only use the ide to compile :lol: ). However, since i'm going to be working alone for most of this project i wouldn't mind some handholding. In an ideal scenario i'd start from scratch using only opengl and the platform's own libraries and build my own lean and mean game that does exactly what the game requires and no more
  7. @Johxz Thank you for the detailed response. The roadmap does indeed look promising with entity-component system and pbr in the works!
  8. Hi, So in my quest to find an open source 3d game engine for my project i've finally decided that i need to choose between either Torque3d or Urho3d. Both seem quite capable and torque has great tools and a lot of shipped titles which is a huge plus IMO for any engine as it shows it isn't just some fancy toy. Urho does not have any shipped titles that i'm aware of and the tools are either lacking or just not very good. However, urho is pretty straightforward to program as it follows the entity-component paradigm and since i have a programmer background it feels even better because urho is v
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