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  1. Hi I wanted to shared something I read about level design http://magnarj.net/article_workflow.html How is your workflow?
  2. yes I use sometimes too, I read weeks ago an interesting little article about the use of sweethome 3d in game development, http://www.sweethome3d.com/blog/2015/09/25/and_you_how_do_you_use_your_sweet_home_3d_episode_8.html btw check the gameplay to see where was used SH3D.
  3. hello there! If you not already know Archimesh, take it a look. Included by default in Blender 2.78 Ukef3q3sNMI hFEI-mlVwwY p8upIhfmx48 IoMeS5ZpfXw
  4. The easy way to see the ID http://i.imgur.com/VlSp7AS.png I would suggest to read the documentation subabrain... https://github.com/John3/awesome-torque3d#tutorials https://github.com/John3/awesome-torque3d#books regards, John
  5. @LukasPJ Bro I can't download the game, the link is broken or something....
  6. Hi! I just updated the Engine/Script reference to v3.10.
  7. I was facing the same issue, I will just put this for reference. - http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/137218 - http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=287#p2410
  8. As Az and JeffR said LODs and animations feature is missing. Still you can used, you can use modular static shapes, select all the meshes and then export to collada and re-import to the engine as one mesh (A) or you can use a tool to "merge the meshes" (B) is the same as A but in one step. (A) http://i.imgur.com/EGE8gEP.png (B) http://i.imgur.com/Cijicuj.png
  9. So @JeffR this is something like texture overlay? but with better control of blend?
  10. added the latest compiled development commits. Please go ahead a do some test to help to release of v3.10 https://github.com/John3/Torque3D_Unofficial/releases/tag/v1.16-rc.2
  11. Hmmm I get it Duion, I gave my reasons.... I prefer to return what I learned to the community, instead do not share it. Please only constructive critics.... You see youtube lately??.... see this on how you develop a game.... :D hope you learn something... :lol: :lol: Anyway thx for the comments Duion
  12. Thx for the feedback...so is ok to have the videos like this?
  13. Hi @J0linar good to see you here again bro... I was very willing to give a go and upgrade GMK to a new version of T3D, I stopped for the little interes in GMK. I can helping with this...just a warning, the original code have some already bugs when Yuri upgraded from TGA to T3D. So in the strict sense, may or may not have the same bugs to the original GMK. The ported of RoundedIcon have missing stuff and some broken for that reason I had to start over... So if you let me, I can start from where I left it and upgrade to v3.10 :roll: It sounds good?
  14. Hi! thank you for you comment. Can you review this video? I added some text on the screen and extended the description.
  15. added a few videos... any feedback for improvement will be helpful. Thx ;)
  16. Not sure what you mean, you can use in a terrain, see . I have a basic level, all was made with some meshes and the sketch tool. Even you can use a texture for your sketches props. See this and this blog Some what related (sorry) with the latest merged PR this and this you can export to a collada all you sketches, all the extrudes for your object will "join" into one mesh and then import into Torque3D or any 3D graphics tool like Blender3D, Maya or 3ds Max, etc.. so you have a very useful rapid prototype function, you can replace all your sketched objects into TSStatic object, this mean start using quickly for your gameplay (scripting or props). Yeah I know :oops: pls any feedback are welcome, to try to overcome this I started using subtitles ( :lol: :lol: I know) this will not break my work flow (this means cover a lot of topic in a little time) and try to reach more people, so they can collaborate in their languages editing the subs. EDIT: for the TorqueScript tutorial well yeah I'll be speaking explaining thing :lol: just to clarify this
  17. Hi @MiToVo Download Torsion from here: http://ghc-games.com/SC/Torsion.zip *1 A lot of tutorials still relevant even from TGA or TGEA or T3D 1.2 of course you need to change a few thing if the tutorial use a very old version of the engine, either way you can use the book you have for learn TS, just remember use the same version of Torque that was provided in the book, and then you can use the new T3D version. BTW :roll: Not sure if you saw this http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=835 but you have plenty of tutorials and more stuff in the list, even you can learn from TS resources. Please give a peek... if you think you need something that is not on that list, send me a PM and I will updated or you can do a PR. Some what related, I'm doing a few video tutorials here right now I don't have for TS, but I have in my roadmap add video tutorials for TorqueScript, so if you want to superscribe. regards, J source: *1
  18. Hey @kcpdad welcome to the community... ;) I'm playing you game for a few weeks now haha good to know that is been greenlited.... I recommend to upload your game to indiedb and update the links to the new page :lol: Ok I know you have some c++ modification, but the recommendation I can give you... just download the lasted version a try to run it. If need any help with the migration I can give you a hand. You can download the binary from here and just copy the exe to your game folder and start from there. https://github.com/John3/Torque3D_Unofficial/releases/tag/v1.0.14 Hope some older torquers from 1.2 like you can give some advice... Maybe @Chadwee or @Steve_Yorkshire and few others can help you with this.
  19. Just a remainder, if anyone want to test without compile, just download the last dev commit from here: https://github.com/John3/Torque3D_Unofficial/releases/tag/v1.0.14 Go ahead and download to start testing the new coming release.
  20. :? hmmm where you see this files :?:
  21. Just to comment in here... I'm running Torque3D 3.9 and Dev in "Windows 10 x64 Enterprise N 2016 LTSB" without any issue.
  22. done. you can register to the wiki if you want.
  23. nice one timmy! sorry I can't finish this script on time :( I will play with this and give some feedback... thank you!
  24. nice progress @damik you have some of demo level? hey BTW you use some C++ engine modification or just scripting? :roll:
  25. I'm doing a few video tutorials, I want to show one of the potential to use the sketch tool and then export to collada.
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