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  1. It is not worrying, my idea behind is that you release on a Steam sale when more people visit the store and ideally give some discount so it shows up on the sale. I just wanted to notify you on the upcomming Steam sale, because you may want to reschedule your release to either starting at the Steam sale or to some other date. I cannot give you a guarantee on anything, I'm just guessing. Early Access or not does not matter that much, it is probably an advantage since you get some visibility on Early Access launch and maybe on full Release later on as well. Better do some research yourself into
  2. Good luck, but consider times are hard on Steam now, so the release phase is important. A little idea from me would be to advance the release onto the begin of the Steam Sale which starts at June 23th according to whenisthenextsteamsale.com maybe that will help with visibility a bit, but I don't really know for sure.
  3. Looks good, but what is it for? Are those things animated 3D models or did you somehow make it with ingame editor features?
  4. To answer your question no you cannot use Torque3D without programming skills. However I know that you are a spammer that I exposed last time, but the people did not get it and instead punished me for not being nice to you spammer, so I will not report you this time, so you are fine to attempt whatever great trick you will come up now, which will probably be the same trick you tried last time, but since the people here have no memory I'm pretty confident it will work again.
  5. So you really wanted me to open another topic for my "off topic" replies in the thread "Torque3D Game Jam" that is not a problem for me. I noticed I forgot to tell my main reason I think game jams are "not very productive", this is based on my personal experience in taking part in game jams, which I did several times. I did also take part in several Torque3D related game jams or game jam like happenings, one was when I was in the steering committee and we set up a plan and organize who does what and my compartment was doing art, so we set up different tasks and waited for people to apply,
  6. My point was not just "game jams are stupid, because games take time" there were actually more points I made that you probably did not get. What is constructive and what not is either subjective or you cannot know before you actually thought it through, you cannot just call anything you do not agree with or do not like "not constructive" and censor it. This is just a receipe for failure, imagine someone showing up here on this forum having a very stupid idea and you don't say that the idea is stupid because of some weird code of conduct and instead encurage him to do his stupid undertakin
  7. Ridiculous I received a warning for my reply because "Discussing the merits of a game jam is not relevant to the topic of planning one. If you hate game jams, create a new topic for discussing that" I did not discuss the merits of a game jam in general, it was just a side note, I explicitely referenced Torque3D multiple times, how is that not on topic? And of course discussing the merits of a game jam in general is absolutely relevant regarding planning one, it is always the first question you should ask yourself when doing something. If you just go along through life and do random things
  8. Moderator note: this comment is only discussing the merits of game jams in general, it doesn’t contribute to this specific game jam and is more suited for its own thread. Games jams are kind of stupid, I mean there is no way you can develop a game in 48 hours. Maybe you can do so in game engines with asset packs where you can drag and drop assets and scripts into a template and tweak some values of those to get it running, but I don't think this will work with Torque3D. There was once a guy I forgot him who actually did a game in a game jam with Torque3D, it was kind of an asset
  9. I like tcs slightly better, maybe also tsc, but I just realize tscript may be the better option, since it will help lesser intelligent people understand that it is a script file because it is named "script" kind of genius if you think about it.
  10. The evil Unity empire send moles inside our development team to foster as many stupid design decissions as possible into the engine to once and for all destroy the greatest open source game engine of all time, I was trying to stop them years ago, but nobody listened to me, it gets worse over time, we really need more people like you to fight the good fight. I have not seen this latest atrocity with the ridiculous ".tscript" change, but now as I see it it makes me quite sad, I mean it is a change with no practical value, it just destroys something that has worked fine since forver and just
  11. Yes, the new site is nice, but takes some time getting into. I'm from Germany, so logistics issue is the same, so I waited for someone from the US to sign up, but there is none.
  12. Nobody wants them? I take one if the brazil guy not already grabbed them all.
  13. It is still hard to understand what you are actually trying to do. My guess is you build something in BeamNG Drive and now you want to port it over to Torque3D right? Well those things are not so simple, because those engines are probably incompatible, so if you are a beginner I would suggest you take your art assets and put them in a Torque3D template, try to get them running and then slowly start building your game and/or porting over your code.
  14. Torque3D is very drag and drop friendly regarding art assets, but for the rest, yes it is very far from drag and drop. With Torque3D you will not get very far without good programming skills, but if you start to understand Torque3D is a rather lightweight and simplistic game engine compared to most others.
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