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  1. Torque3D is very drag and drop friendly regarding art assets, but for the rest, yes it is very far from drag and drop. With Torque3D you will not get very far without good programming skills, but if you start to understand Torque3D is a rather lightweight and simplistic game engine compared to most others.
  2. I think you have to clarify what exactly you mean.
  3. Watch the third trailer on https://store.steampowered.com/app/391780/Uebergame/ There I am making a playable tropical island map in around 10 minutes including playtesting.
  4. The forum is fine and probably also SEO optimized, since it has crawler bots and of course spammers like our forum. The problem however is, we have nobody in charge of analytics and marketing, so we don't know how many visitors we have or where they come from and so we do not know what our target group is. Most Torque users come from the old Garagegames times, from there on we our growth rate is pretty much zero. SEO optimization is not only about being visible at all on the web, it is about actually engineering the website so people actually go there. If we were a business (which tec
  5. The Website was probably created from scratch in a hurry, so it has never been changed after that again significantly. The main reason was probably that the main creator went away and the repository was kind of hidden. Now as we have a new Github repository I think this is the website: https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/T3DLandingPage No idea how you are supposed to work on the website, what software was used etc. But what you are preaching is the same that I'm preaching for over 5 years now or so, nobody cares. Having a better website itself may be good, but will not help much by i
  6. Disabling the console is probably not the way to go, most games still have it in their final release, they just limit the commands you can use.
  7. Some people here will likely have it, maybe they will send it to you, so you have to ask people.
  8. Well most is not even done at all, which is an even bigger problem. Posting your work to the outside world is usually much less of an effort as doing the work itself, so if someone supposedly does a lot of work, but never shows any of it, it becomes very suspicious if work is done at all and even if the work that is not visible is done for real, the person should really consider doing less work and doing more work on publicizing the work. Marketing is always more important than working on the actual product, because if nobody knows your product exists you cannot sell anything, no matter
  9. https://github.com/GarageGames/ContentPacks When Garagegames abandoned their Github as well, the previously private repos became public, so there they are. Regarding if they are open source, I don't know, in some cases the assets have been released with the demos like Pacific, Chinatown etc, but in other cases not, so use at your own risk. The content not from Garagegames on Garagegames is probably gone, maybe you can track down the original creators. All in all I would not even bother that much with the assets, they are old and outdated and if you are serious with game development, ma
  10. @Outsider So you come here for my rants, is this meant positively or negatively? I mean almost all your complaints are identical to my complaints, does this mean you are ranting funnily too? I can make my point even shorter, so everything else is dead, no update page, no social media, the only active thing visible to the outside world is the forum and now the community is trying to kill that as well. When Torque3D was released as MIT it was definitively the best open source game engine ever and probably even still is, but people are so full of self hatred that they try to sabotage it in
  11. Now you need to make it look nice, it should be more subtle, look at how other games do it, like Skyrim for example, which not only uses it as a compass, but also for quest markers. I'm not a fan of helper GUIs such as compass or quest markers, if you really need or want them, ideally you integrate them into the game somehow, for example that the compass is drawn on a compass object you hold in your hand, but this is advanced stuff even most modern games do not have, but if you can master that, you are probably one of the best.
  12. It is probably difficult to do on the fly, without knowing the rest. You have to describe the problem and then how you want it to be. Can't players just give the points to other players ingame? This would solve the issue, but may create other issues. Another method would be to create a bank that the points get awarded to first and then in another GUI or so the player can chose who to transfer it to, but it would require to create a new feature. Another method would be to not award points directly, but hand out codes that can be redeemed ingame to get the points, that is how many others do it,
  13. They say somewhere that they bring the billions and trillions of polys down to 20 million that are actually rendered in the scene and 20 million is very possible to render, I already did a scene with 20 million polys in Torque and there are some games that already push close to that number. Regarding if creating assets that detailed is harder I would say yes and no, no because a good artist usually starts with high poly and then reduces it for the final game and yes because to create photoscanned objects you need new hardware and software and put more work in there than before. It can take
  14. Sounds like a major design flaw, clients should never be allowed to do such things and I thought Torque is server authoritative, well probably you are using another version of the engine and/or a heavily modified one. It will probably require some major redesign how the game works.
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