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  1. It was just the only obvious flaw I noticed in the trailer, maybe a non developer will not notice it, but I did immediately.
  2. Looks really professional, only issue I found was the aggressive LOD popping in the scene that starts at 28 seconds, that should be fixed. Try to increase the LOD distance and try to get the fizzle fade method working properly then it should be fine.
  3. Do the tracks appear behind the tank when he is driving? You could at least give the tank an olive color, you can do that instantly in the material editor in Torque3D. The Insane bump plugin is not the best normal map generator, consider trying a proper one.
  4. Maybe you can be more specific, it would increase your chance of finding what you need.
  5. It is not worrying, my idea behind is that you release on a Steam sale when more people visit the store and ideally give some discount so it shows up on the sale. I just wanted to notify you on the upcomming Steam sale, because you may want to reschedule your release to either starting at the Steam sale or to some other date. I cannot give you a guarantee on anything, I'm just guessing. Early Access or not does not matter that much, it is probably an advantage since you get some visibility on Early Access launch and maybe on full Release later on as well. Better do some research yourself into that topic as well, when and how to release your game the best way, the release is crucial.
  6. Good luck, but consider times are hard on Steam now, so the release phase is important. A little idea from me would be to advance the release onto the begin of the Steam Sale which starts at June 23th according to whenisthenextsteamsale.com maybe that will help with visibility a bit, but I don't really know for sure.
  7. Looks good, but what is it for? Are those things animated 3D models or did you somehow make it with ingame editor features?
  8. To answer your question no you cannot use Torque3D without programming skills. However I know that you are a spammer that I exposed last time, but the people did not get it and instead punished me for not being nice to you spammer, so I will not report you this time, so you are fine to attempt whatever great trick you will come up now, which will probably be the same trick you tried last time, but since the people here have no memory I'm pretty confident it will work again.
  9. So you really wanted me to open another topic for my "off topic" replies in the thread "Torque3D Game Jam" that is not a problem for me. I noticed I forgot to tell my main reason I think game jams are "not very productive", this is based on my personal experience in taking part in game jams, which I did several times. I did also take part in several Torque3D related game jams or game jam like happenings, one was when I was in the steering committee and we set up a plan and organize who does what and my compartment was doing art, so we set up different tasks and waited for people to apply, of course nobody applied, one partly applied, but ran away later. So I had a bad conscience and I wanted to help out and do something, not something too work intensive like making a new player character, but something relatively easy, so I picked making new default terrain textures and terrains. Ironically immediately people jumped up and claimed they want to do terrains also and complained to me how I dare to just do terrains, but of course nobody did anything, so I continued making them. After a few days of work and experimenting I was done with my first prototype, one set of terrain textures according to the latest standards with base layer, macro layer, detail layer, normal map and parallax map layer in the correct file format and extremely small in disk space usage, since that was a requirement, to not overload the github repository with more useless binary file garbage, so I managed to put that all into like 4 MB file zipped, which I was proud of, because the efficiency. So I had a set of terrain textures and two terrains done and submitted them, then we agreed to not release art assets into the repo, but to release it on Opengameart, which I then did under CC-BY license. Of course it was ignored, later some told me that they were not sure, if they could use it and had problems with the license and how to use it, so I made everything CC0, but still nobody cared. And this was just one incident, which was already pretty demotivating. One other incident was one with Daniel Buckmaster where I started making some prototypes, because he wanted to take part in a game jam, but later bailed out, so I was again left on the shelf with my work that is now left unused. Then there were two or more incidents with J0linar in this forum, where he claimed to do several projects for which I did some work as well, but later he also bailed out and I was again left with my work wasted, he at least produced something as well or at least tried, I saw it, but in the end it was all for nothing. Those were just the Torque related one, there were more before in my life and maybe some slightly Torque related. However what 100% of those game jam like incidents had in common, that the other people bailed out, I was left with my work unused and nothing has been accomplished. I can go in detail more about the other incidents, but I think a few examples should be enough to show you why I come to the conclusions I have come. Another big problem with game jams is obviously you don't have much time, so it is almost impossible to make a game in a few days or whatever the time limit is, so ideally you have to team up with people, but as almost all people are unreliable and have poor discipline it is almost certain that they or at least someone will bail out and potentially destroy the whole project, since the time limit is strict and one person jumping out is often enough to throw over the whole time schedule and destroy the project. Apart from my own experience I also observed others and they also almost 100% failed in their untertakings and I did analyse why that is. I even found out why those people failed and I tried to inform them, but they mostly called me "negative" ran away or even pretended they were the true game developers, even though they never produced anything and I was not a real game developer, becuase of the things that I produced for real were somehow not good enough in their opinion, even though they had no portfolio for the most part to prove that they had any talent or skill in anything. And now people want to tell me I'm somehow not constructive when telling people that their undertakings are doomed to fail, even though I know how to make it potentially succeed. I watched countless people fail at that and I even failed myself and I know that people will keep to fail, if they refuse to see the reality of things, or at least admit that they failed instead of bailing out, running away and never be seen again. If that is not enough data to be statistically relevant, I had countless people contacting me telling me their "great" plans and how they want to help out and do this or that, guess what the result was in almost 100% of the cases? Of couse they all bailed out and never produced anything and the few where that was not the case were like, they produced something, threw it on me, then I said something "negative" and then they bailed out, leaving me with almost as much work to do I would have had, if I had done everything by myself to begin with. I really should have counted those incidents, because it is already a statistically relevant number, but not that related to game jams, are game jams are certainly one side of the problem. The game james itself are probably not the biggest problem, it is more the people who do them or pretend to do them and/or like them or pretend to like them. Most of those people only produce primitive hipster ripoff games and they think that this is somehow creative, if they make things intentionally bad and primitive. However the biggest problem are probably those people bailing out all the time, I mean if those people would at least stick to their sometimes less intelligent untertakings, they would at least get something done, learn from their failures and be better next time. The best thing of course is to succeed, but it is also okay to fail, but then you should take credit for it, because it is not okay to just bail out, run away and pretend nothing ever happened, since this is one of the least productive things you can do. To bring it back more onto Torque3D, of course our "community" faces the same problem, almost nothing ever gets done, of those few people getting something done, most are those who just do it themselves and don't interact much with the "community". Game jams are kind of a hype train people pretend to do to be cool, to socially fit in like "look I'm a developer also" it is not very productive in itself. Some people claim "gameplay and innovation are so much more important than graphics and technological progress", but I disagree with that "gameplay" and "innovation" are mostly subjective, but graphics and technological progress is mostly objectiv and measureable. In most games you can just run around, jump, duck, shoot, interact and thats it for the most part, there is not much innovation going on and if someone invents one new mechanic in addition, they claimed they somehow invented something great, even though they do worse in all other aspects. The mentality of game james need to be changed, I mean it is okay to have them as a social event, but having game jams is not very practival, especially not with Torque3D, especially not, since it is broken since development began on Torque3D version 4, so we would need a working engine first to even think about game jams. Yes for an insider who has many years of experience with Torque3D having a broken engine and template is not going to be that much of an issue, but it will almost certainly doom any newcomer to failure. Finally you have to consider if you have enough qualified people taking part and then consider if you have a large enough audience to view the projects and eventually rate them, qualified people we have a handful, but audience we have almost none, so that would need to be figured out first. Game jams are also kind of a promotional tools of big game engine companies, they make competitions for their user base and the best will get a prize, will get free promotion, which then eventually leads to a job and/or money. The problem we have is, we only have a handfull of developers, no significant audience, no company behind it that could offer your projects additional visibility and for certain no moneytary benefits or a potential career offer. Sure there are small communities who just do game jams for "fun" and to praise each other, but that does not lead them anywhere and is kind of pointless. I hope I made enough arguments why I think game jams are not that good or at least need to be changed or at least other conditions need to be improved first, I have more, but I'm kind of tired now.
  10. My point was not just "game jams are stupid, because games take time" there were actually more points I made that you probably did not get. What is constructive and what not is either subjective or you cannot know before you actually thought it through, you cannot just call anything you do not agree with or do not like "not constructive" and censor it. This is just a receipe for failure, imagine someone showing up here on this forum having a very stupid idea and you don't say that the idea is stupid because of some weird code of conduct and instead encurage him to do his stupid undertaking, would this be productive? No, you will just set him up for total failure and a life in delusion, but if you tell him where he is wrong, he may be angry at first, but he will be much better off in the long run. Ironically other comments did what I supposedly did, they said "game jams are stupid, because you cannot do that in 48 hours" the only difference is, they only implied it and did not use the word stupid, but they did not face "action", even if they post something 100% unrelated they still do not face "action", so you are just sabotaging me. Telling me I'm not constructive is a joke, I'm one of the most constructive people around, because I actually do (construct) things, that's where the word actually comes from, not from pretending to do something and be nice to each other even if everyone is failing, constructive is getting things done, not about talking nice and doing nothing. If you really want me to obey to your subjective code of conduct you would need to make a list of words that are illegal to use and opinions that are illegal to have, since that is what you are actually doing.
  11. Ridiculous I received a warning for my reply because "Discussing the merits of a game jam is not relevant to the topic of planning one. If you hate game jams, create a new topic for discussing that" I did not discuss the merits of a game jam in general, it was just a side note, I explicitely referenced Torque3D multiple times, how is that not on topic? And of course discussing the merits of a game jam in general is absolutely relevant regarding planning one, it is always the first question you should ask yourself when doing something. If you just go along through life and do random things all day long without ever self reflecting on them you will not get very far. Me and others self reflecting on this topic already came to meaningful conclusions like for example that a game jam is hardly possible in 48 hours with Torque3D, so it is more likely not me who has to start another topic, but the author by setting more realistic rules. @Jason Campbell Yes, I go to parties and I can have a lot of fun. Ironically you did not receive a warning for your personal attack on me that was 100% offtopic, while I got a warning for getting only slightly offtopic. Now think about why that is.
  12. Moderator note: this comment is only discussing the merits of game jams in general, it doesn’t contribute to this specific game jam and is more suited for its own thread. Games jams are kind of stupid, I mean there is no way you can develop a game in 48 hours. Maybe you can do so in game engines with asset packs where you can drag and drop assets and scripts into a template and tweak some values of those to get it running, but I don't think this will work with Torque3D. There was once a guy I forgot him who actually did a game in a game jam with Torque3D, it was kind of an asset flip of many of the few asset packs for Torque that existed, but it was actually kind of impressive considering the time he spend on it. The primary reason this is stupid is probably, because you cannot control how much time someone really spend on it. Most artist or programmers probably have some kind of library of things they have done, so I just could pull out something out of this library and claim I made it in 48 hours. A game jam is more something like where you can show off your skills and your portfolio, but people thinking you can develop an actual game in 48 hours is kind of silly, just solving one bug sometimes can take you longer and games usually have hundreds of them. Game jams usually produce primitive garbage games, sometimes they even become successfull like the game Superhot, that was supposedly made in a 7 day gamejam with all empty textures and placeholder assets, ironically the full game did not look any different even though they spend much more time on it and received a quarter million dollars in funding. A german youtuber and game reviewer said the game is garbage and even showed how he remade the game mechanics in Unreal engine in a day and that even though he was not a game developer at all. We would probably suck with Torque3D at a gamejam, since Torque3D is not a game engine that is build off a game, but rather was made into a more "general purpose engine" meaning a lot of features were stripped from it. I used a few other game engines and they are usually much more complete, since they often derive from real games that have been proven to work in the market, Torque3D does not have that for the most part.
  13. I like tcs slightly better, maybe also tsc, but I just realize tscript may be the better option, since it will help lesser intelligent people understand that it is a script file because it is named "script" kind of genius if you think about it.
  14. The evil Unity empire send moles inside our development team to foster as many stupid design decissions as possible into the engine to once and for all destroy the greatest open source game engine of all time, I was trying to stop them years ago, but nobody listened to me, it gets worse over time, we really need more people like you to fight the good fight. I have not seen this latest atrocity with the ridiculous ".tscript" change, but now as I see it it makes me quite sad, I mean it is a change with no practical value, it just destroys something that has worked fine since forver and just breaks a lot of backwards compatibility and on top of it, it is a stupid filename ending, changing it from "cs" into "ts" would have been logical. Filename endings should be 2 or 3 characters, 4 at max. The nonexistent steering committee will probably tell you that it is all fine and they will just reprogram all of torsion and all of the debugging code as well, just to make up for this stupid decission, no problem with that, it will only add a few years more development time until you will be able to use it, just wait until 2025.
  15. Yes, the new site is nice, but takes some time getting into. I'm from Germany, so logistics issue is the same, so I waited for someone from the US to sign up, but there is none.
  16. Nobody wants them? I take one if the brazil guy not already grabbed them all.
  17. It is still hard to understand what you are actually trying to do. My guess is you build something in BeamNG Drive and now you want to port it over to Torque3D right? Well those things are not so simple, because those engines are probably incompatible, so if you are a beginner I would suggest you take your art assets and put them in a Torque3D template, try to get them running and then slowly start building your game and/or porting over your code.
  18. Torque3D is very drag and drop friendly regarding art assets, but for the rest, yes it is very far from drag and drop. With Torque3D you will not get very far without good programming skills, but if you start to understand Torque3D is a rather lightweight and simplistic game engine compared to most others.
  19. I think you have to clarify what exactly you mean.
  20. It is here: https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D Branch: Preview4_0 But it is not usable yet, where you can get the precompiled build I forgot, they managed to hide everything well.
  21. Sorry for cynicism, but that is how I fix most things, if I would bother to fix any little issue for real, then I would have probably never have gotten anything done like most others. I only know that my game runs fine with that version of Torque, well relatively fine as they are errors that make it not run anymore in Debug mode, but I stopped bothering. In short I have no idea where your issue comes from, the version runs fine for me and I have water planes in most of my levels.
  22. Make a release build, problem solved.
  23. It is hard to debug, if we do not know what code you are actually using, maybe you could post it. Otherwise I would advise to use the full template or at least copy over the working scripts which you need and then remove the stuff you do not want, it is easier that way around then to build from an empty template, the empty template is more for experienced users. Apart from that you should keep in mind that the template system will be changed completely in the future and will be replaced by a module system, which is similar to your empty template, but you can add modular features such as a player. I would suggest trying out Torque 4.0 development and if you still cannot get your player to work, you can complain to the developers, so they can help you and eventually it will help getting version 4 more stable and usable.
  24. That is probably a complicated issue. What exactly did you do? Did you write your player scripts, player datablock and player animation scripts from scratch or did you copy them over? It is hard to tell where the issue is, without knowing your codebase. My first assumption would be that you are confused by the way Torque does those player stats, since they are hard coded, you cannot really set an image state or animation from the scripts, thats not possible without engine modifications, but you are not supposed to do it like that anyway. The engine does not set animations, it uses a state machine to define in which state a player or weapon is, the animation is just optional, you can set which animation to play in the state machine, but the player also works without animations, including sprinting, crouching etc.
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