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  1. Hi, I found a gratis forum service provider for foss projects https://blog.discourse.org/2016/03/free-discourse-forum-hosting-for-community-friendly-github-projects/ . Maybe you can save money and/or server administration work. There are scripts available for migrating content from phpbb. Discourse also has a nice feature called 'mail mode'. If the user activates it, it can use the forum like a mailing list. Maybe you like it. I just want to mention it. Regards, Andy
  2. Hi, I don't do much development, but I prefer spacemacs. It is emacs + a configuration framework with everything working out of the box. Use the c++ mode in spacemacs for TS files. Gnu global should work too, but i haven't tested it much. You can find a debugger for ts here: https://gitlab.com/andijh92/gtdb . Regards, Andy
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