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  1. I gave the observation why so many noobs and new comers pick up Unity and keep using it; if it wasn't so user friendly i don' think new comers would keep using it. I don't ask T3D to change it's interface, because it is good enough already. Finally it is only to @JeffR do decide if something should be changed or not. It's hard to understand when i say we are already using another engine so we don't need T3D to quickly have X or Y features : it's only ideas I would like T3D to have a shader editor or some FSM editor , it's an opinion not something i ask, is this hard to understand ? Are ideas and opinions allowed or not ? What insults did i wrote ? where ? You are the only one insulting me again with "troll"/ Saying you are someone very angry by nature is really not an insult. Why do you feel the need to interfere in discussions and call other "troll" when there is things like Godot or features discussed that you really dislike ? Why do you ask people to stop talking Godot on a tangent discussion ? Why so angry because of Godot or Unity ? (there is place and market for every engine) @JeffR Do you again agree someone calling "troll" others ? Does that follow the good code of conduct ? Or are some people allowed to call others "troll" ?
  2. It's a tangent topic so we are allowed to name other engines, i could replace Godot by UE4 or Unity, you just can't hear any other engines names. Did you ever tried Godot for example ? Because you should as it will really change your perception about editor, workflow and quick prototyping. Perhaps you would become less angry to people naming Godot and you would also like T3D 4 to copy some ideas or features making it even better. Yes i agree with @Duion because he is just right about all those posts saying T3D is lacking social media communication and T3D stays very unknown. We are giving opinions and some keys to give T3D more success and popularity, you get it wrong about the discussion, the goal is not a useless engine Vs engine debate. It's time to grow up little boy :mrgreen: @JeffR it is allowed to freely name other people "trolls" because you don't agree with one or two people ? And what do you think about social media more active communication (Youtube, Facebook, Twiiter, Reddit, Twitch and others) The bigger gaming and game maker community is windows not Linux. Fortunatelly social media channels works for both Windows and Linux. Yes keep forums they have their own usage for some people, but the forums are like hidden to the majority, forums are not advertisment, they don't have the same advert function as social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, twiiter, reddit, twitch and others. Nice it seems things are on the right direction for T3D. Your link youtube T3D videos is really not showing T3D as very active. Videos are from 2 or 11 months, others are perhaps outdated about T3D 4 progression. But i understand it's not @JeffR to make videos , it will be to community to add lot more videos showing alpha or beta features in progress, or workflow, or code or some small minimal games tutorials. Getting more users able to make more youtube videos on board is the key, so you need other social media advert (twiiter, reddit, twitch and others). But it's on the right track. About videos, where are T3D 4 import tutorial, animation editing, coding some basic gameplay, managing physic interactions ? This is exactly what kind of tutorials beginners or new comers seek for, and why some very popular engine is so popular (starting with "U" but no name :mrgreen: ) I guess such this will also rely only on the more active T3D 4 users when T3D 4 will get more users. About twiiter some other popular open source engine (starting with "G") had lot of twiiter communication before 3.0 for example, so why not starting ? Weekly screenshots showing some code or some 3D model or shader or editor feature would be enough even if some things would change later, because the goal is to show T3D is active to majority of game developers. I'm off from the discussion (that is not so tangent allowed it seems), because i have no other keys or opinions for T3D improvment, and we must focus on making a game instead. While some nature angry forum people will stay angry at others :lol:
  3. Exactly, it will be hard to get new people coming to Patreon or get new devs interested in open source alternatives if they don't know T3D exists :lol: Nobody use forums anymore; but modern platforms like twiiter,Facebook, youtube, discord, twitch and some others. Posting some T3D development screenshot weekly on social media takes some minutes. Past weeks i forgot a lot T3D exists or i should check it, while there is lot of news about Godot making me remember it exists and is actively growing. This shows why social media is important for all developers, even open source like Godot or Blender. I don't think there is so much open source people really seeking T3D otherwise there would have been lot more T3D games in the making :mrgreen: Lot of Godot users are also Unity users for example; they was not seeking open source software specially, but got aware of Godot on social media and started using Godot. So T3D should also try to get on board people that are already game developers using other engines. Perhaps T3D developers think T3D user base can only be people working with open source software only and no other paid engines :lol: (or they think don't care communicating about T3D, while Godot had active communication on social media before 3.0 very earlier) It's a shame this good engine will stay underground and unknown because of old stubborn choice to not do small communication work. It is like it is unfortunatelly.
  4. This forum and blog are invisible to the majority of game developers that does not know T3D. Like Godot putting news on twiiter is a way to show to every game developer T3D exists and it's actively developed. Weekly dev screenshots showing anything that is progress would be a good start. What do you think @JeffR ? (It would not be lot of work to do a screenshot and post some comments, and show everyone T3D 4 is growing) Is T3D 4 getting improvments made in BeamNG game like better physics, faster loading, better lighting ? http://blog.beamng.com/the-2019-winter-release-beamng-drive-v0-18/ ZM5UPrcY10Q
  5. The tangent discussion is good, i'll have to moderate and do less posts as this is less work on our project :lol: I agree, ease of use and best workflow is why Unity got a massive adoption very early when it was not very known and was available on Mac only. Lot of people asked for Windows and was ready to buy the expensive 1000$ license. Because it was the best and more friendly 3D game editor ever available, even today. It got popular lot more later with big marketing, before it already got lot a big user base growing very quickly because it was the more friendly with the best workflow. One Godot big key success is to have new people try it and most keep using it. It's also because it's very user friendly with fast and simple editor workflow. Even last CryEngine version or Lumberyard are copying that modern editor and workflow, because they know they was too much outdated. How to make some character based prototype - drop some floor and objects with physics - create a capsule physic for player - add a control script to the player prefab and a camera script - import your character, edit your animations and blending - edit controler script to manage animations And you have your starter prototype with your own custom character and custom animations and physics control quickly and easy. This is one main simple test to quickly evaluate how fast is 3D engine to prototype, and if it is user friendly enough. Perhaps this workflow will be as easy in T3D4 later ? About advertisment, why T3D twiiter is so empty ? Despite some two or three games news, it's empty like abandonned. Why don't devs post regular screenshots progress and tests ?
  6. I agree you must promote and advertise. For example Godot is a very early 3D engine without LOD, culling systems, terrain system, or without pathfinding "out of the box" systems, but their marketing has been very strong since Godot 3 and it worked even some people use it for 3D games release (while it's very early and minimal on many aspects). Same for Blender since 2.8 beta, they started a big marketing and they got lot more adopters and big financial support from Epic and EA. They are both good examples of communication and marketing, you can check there is daily news about people using them or people that are dedicated to marketing on social media. T3D is some good open source engine like some others good ones (banshee, lumix, uro and others), but like those it is unknown to the majority of game developers. ************* Spoiler opinion ********************** So perhaps you are the one that is right about the lack of marketing ? Or perhaps people active on T3D don't think maketing is really importants and they are perhaps right ? ************* Spoiler opinion ********************** ************* Spoiler opinion ********************** When a T3D dev says the editor automatic file detection and import dialog automatically pop up are not important, working the old way is better; it's looks like the same mistake of Blender and why lot of people did not use it (before 2.8). Fortunately Blender understood or listened, and they changed a lot in Blender 2.8 to make it more modern, intuitive with revamped editor and functionality for new comers. And it worked as it got lot more traction and also got attention from Epic and EA for example. My advice would be to not neglect the editor modern interface and workflow or usablility, it must be worked on, it is something that matters the more to new comers and adopters or getting more support. ************* Spoiler opinion ********************** I wish T3D 4 great success, become more popular, get more devs on board, become more user friendly and get more capabilities and quality graphics (so perhaps we could consider using it, because as i said previously about features, T3D 4 it is too early for us to use it). I'm off from the discussion.
  7. No, there are not a lot of game engines with mature editor, able to produce high quality graphics or advanced particles and effects. If you mean Godot, you can check there is already some Godot games on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/app/404790/discussions/0/412448792354265655/ And TailsQuest is another good example of what Godot can do (while there will be some wait until T3D 4 will become as easy and mature and we'll see more people using it and get new T3D games on Steam for example) ******************SPOILER NEW GAMES SHOWCASE ********************** ******************SPOILER NEW GAMES SHOWCASE ********************** (Some very angry people here would be disappointed :lol: , if i would tell we use something else because we want to support PS4 and Switch stores with "out of the box" export). Perhaps some good changes are needed for T3D to change and become something lot better without keeping old 3D engines modules. So T3D 4 can get a modern and better architecture for better performance, to make it more easy to evolve when it will get new graphics features and new capabilities. The changes are necessary for T3D 4, it's for the best i think.
  8. No demo up to date with cinematic post effects, and the lack of global illumination, so i can't find it so so impressive :mrgreen: Lot of people just asset flip and sell their game on mobile or Steam, so there is some people able to make a game. But i also agree, there is lot of people that will buy some engine and plugins and will never complete a full game. I also agree you must be clear about your game and what is your game audience, and what is your game scope. Do you have some game in the makings with T3D 4 ?
  9. Godo is getting pbr and global illumination with Vulkan, this is not mobile games capability, or am i wrong ? About bugs, Godot is very new, while T3D had lot of years to get rid of bugs. The market for games is not shrinking, look on Steam at some best indies games sales (not the average games with poor design and small effort). Let grow T3D , let's it get some impressive demo as the Godot one, and it should attract lot more people on Patreon and sponsors also ;) I agree about LOD, its something essential. But does T3D uses some culling systems ? LOD alone is not enough. Why there is only very few people using T3D or publishing a game, or why there is no one making video tutorials about T3D ? if you think it's perfect and it needs no improvments ? We will take another look and discuss that when T3D will propose a new demo. I mean a game demo with pbr assets, player with some friendly and enemies characters with ai and physics interactions, some physics objects and grass interactions, some particle effects, improved terrain and vegetation shaders, and new post effects, all together. Without optimisation it won't perform great at high quality or better than Cry Engine, or i'm missed something about T3D :lol: Or perhaps you think T3D only needs to get hyped like Godot ? It's lot of work to promote something on twiiter and many other channels and sites, it's almost a full time job. Perhaps it's something to consider ? i don't know. The debate is not so useless, it can become constructive and point to good things (like the coming new project manager). I have nothing more to discuss about T3D, and we will just wait for it to grow more and reach some more complete level as said on the previous post.
  10. "AAA" definition is high budget and years development, it's games like Uncharted 4 , God Of War or Witcher 3 , the difference between "AAA" and indies is big and easy to perceive , you won't find the same level made by indies. So don't use the "AAA" term for indies, it makes really no sense. Good. Very angry people by nature will stay very angry for nothing :lol: (I also don't need to compare T3D no more to others engines and let that to other people) @JeffR What do you think about comparing a little with Godot that is also an open source 3D engine ? It can only benefit T3D (for example the project management). At least it's how i perceive it, it's not a bad thing comparing sometimes. Because all things are inspired by others and it sometimes this can help you improve a little ;) I'm not making a request but showing below the level of performance and quality that me and my team mates are interested about a game not using terrain system. It's a good metric for T3D about graphic quality (global illumination) and capabilities (60 fps on average 3D cards Gtx 1060-1070). **************** SPOILER DEMO ************** **************** SPOILER DEMO ************** It's downloadable to test on your hardware. https://github.com/godotengine/tps-demo @JeffR What do you think about global illumination ? Godot has Vulkan with a new real time global illumination system, if T3D won't have that, i think it should at least provide some high quality baked global illumination with some dynamic capabilities, because it makes big difference on overall graphics lighting (it's really not something i ask for but what i find important to have). Or it is something that is really not important or for lot more later in T3D as T3D is mainly an outdoor terrain based 3D engine ? Perhaps the best thing about T3D is it is first an outdoor terrain based 3D engine. https://godotengine.org/article/vulkan-progress-report-5 *************** SPOILER GLOBAL ILLUMINATION ****************** *************** SPOILER GLOBAL ILLUMINATION ****************** @JeffR We like T3D, but we already use some advanced 3D engine, so we won't use T3D because for our game it needs to grow some more little about graphics quality and performance. But we would be happy to test again T3D later when it will get more "weight" if we can say it that way :mrgreen: Sure, some front panel with all projects we can edit , delete or create new ones. While it's unknown roadmap, will T3D become as intutive and easy to use about interface, code editor, or models import, about that we also won't make any request (we just don't use when it's too bad workflow for us like CryEngine for example).
  11. Jeff , can we have some news about the 4.0 release ? It was almost here but not usable at least for me, i would expect some new releases with bug fixes. About Torque 4, perhaps the goal is not the good one. Why a very small team should try to compete with triple A engines delivering big each semester ? It is not crazy ? What about focusing on the indie market and indie graphics ? Most indie games uses simple or alternative graphic styles, not very realistic, they don't use terrain or ocean systems. Instead they need to be able ot customize graphics and ligthing with shaders and they create their own graphic styles. This could result in making a small new version of Torque 3D without the water and system terrain, that could be fully based on entity system, fully shader customizable and supporting a very popular language like C# and make it grow adding new things step by step ? Perhaps Torque 4 need to shift goals from trying to grow as big realistic 3D engine, to small but very usable and customizable engine. Torque never really took off, because the direction and goals was not the good ones perhaps or the task was (or is) too big. Perhaps it's time to change goals and vision for Torque 3D (outside of the engine technical changes). I hope all is well for you Jeff, don't give up on Torque 4, it is almost here :)
  12. I will wait for a next early release that will work without any errors on Win 7.
  13. It's like it is starting looking at the mouse cursor, and nothing, no screen, no process running. Like the process just shuts down after starting. Perhaps the DLL i downloaded is not the right version one.
  14. It is not a DLL related with something very specific to Torque 3D ? I have hundred dev tools and other things on my computer and it's the very first time a program asks for that DLL. Meanwhile i downloaded that DLL and put it on the main Torque folder, but running AssetWork there is no crash but nothing happens ?
  15. Build 2 for windows crash on Windows 7, it says a dll is missing "api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll"
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