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  1. I gave the observation why so many noobs and new comers pick up Unity and keep using it; if it wasn't so user friendly i don' think new comers would keep using it. I don't ask T3D to change it's interface, because it is good enough already. Finally it is only to @JeffR do decide if something should be changed or not. It's hard to understand when i say we are already using another engine so we don't need T3D to quickly have X or Y features : it's only ideas I would like T3D to have a shader editor or some FSM editor , it's an opinion not something i ask, is this hard to understand
  2. It's a tangent topic so we are allowed to name other engines, i could replace Godot by UE4 or Unity, you just can't hear any other engines names. Did you ever tried Godot for example ? Because you should as it will really change your perception about editor, workflow and quick prototyping. Perhaps you would become less angry to people naming Godot and you would also like T3D 4 to copy some ideas or features making it even better. Yes i agree with @Duion because he is just right about all those posts saying T3D is lacking social media communication and T3D stays very unknown. We are givin
  3. Exactly, it will be hard to get new people coming to Patreon or get new devs interested in open source alternatives if they don't know T3D exists :lol: Nobody use forums anymore; but modern platforms like twiiter,Facebook, youtube, discord, twitch and some others. Posting some T3D development screenshot weekly on social media takes some minutes. Past weeks i forgot a lot T3D exists or i should check it, while there is lot of news about Godot making me remember it exists and is actively growing. This shows why social media is important for all developers, even open source like Godot o
  4. This forum and blog are invisible to the majority of game developers that does not know T3D. Like Godot putting news on twiiter is a way to show to every game developer T3D exists and it's actively developed. Weekly dev screenshots showing anything that is progress would be a good start. What do you think @JeffR ? (It would not be lot of work to do a screenshot and post some comments, and show everyone T3D 4 is growing) Is T3D 4 getting improvments made in BeamNG game like better physics, faster loading, better lighting ? http://blog.beamng.com/the-2019-winter-release-beamng-driv
  5. The tangent discussion is good, i'll have to moderate and do less posts as this is less work on our project :lol: I agree, ease of use and best workflow is why Unity got a massive adoption very early when it was not very known and was available on Mac only. Lot of people asked for Windows and was ready to buy the expensive 1000$ license. Because it was the best and more friendly 3D game editor ever available, even today. It got popular lot more later with big marketing, before it already got lot a big user base growing very quickly because it was the more friendly with the best workflow.
  6. I agree you must promote and advertise. For example Godot is a very early 3D engine without LOD, culling systems, terrain system, or without pathfinding "out of the box" systems, but their marketing has been very strong since Godot 3 and it worked even some people use it for 3D games release (while it's very early and minimal on many aspects). Same for Blender since 2.8 beta, they started a big marketing and they got lot more adopters and big financial support from Epic and EA. They are both good examples of communication and marketing, you can check there is daily news about people u
  7. No, there are not a lot of game engines with mature editor, able to produce high quality graphics or advanced particles and effects. If you mean Godot, you can check there is already some Godot games on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/app/404790/discussions/0/412448792354265655/ And TailsQuest is another good example of what Godot can do (while there will be some wait until T3D 4 will become as easy and mature and we'll see more people using it and get new T3D games on Steam for example) ******************SPOILER NEW GAMES SHOWCASE ********************** ******************SPOILER NEW
  8. No demo up to date with cinematic post effects, and the lack of global illumination, so i can't find it so so impressive :mrgreen: Lot of people just asset flip and sell their game on mobile or Steam, so there is some people able to make a game. But i also agree, there is lot of people that will buy some engine and plugins and will never complete a full game. I also agree you must be clear about your game and what is your game audience, and what is your game scope. Do you have some game in the makings with T3D 4 ?
  9. Godo is getting pbr and global illumination with Vulkan, this is not mobile games capability, or am i wrong ? About bugs, Godot is very new, while T3D had lot of years to get rid of bugs. The market for games is not shrinking, look on Steam at some best indies games sales (not the average games with poor design and small effort). Let grow T3D , let's it get some impressive demo as the Godot one, and it should attract lot more people on Patreon and sponsors also ;) I agree about LOD, its something essential. But does T3D uses some culling systems ? LOD alone is not enough. Why
  10. "AAA" definition is high budget and years development, it's games like Uncharted 4 , God Of War or Witcher 3 , the difference between "AAA" and indies is big and easy to perceive , you won't find the same level made by indies. So don't use the "AAA" term for indies, it makes really no sense. Good. Very angry people by nature will stay very angry for nothing :lol: (I also don't need to compare T3D no more to others engines and let that to other people) @JeffR What do you think about comparing a little with Godot that is also an open source 3D engine ? It can only benefit T3D
  11. When 4.0 will be available, the number downloads will be a good indicator about Torque 3D interest before it grows in popularity. About marketing, just spread the world about Torque 4 release.
  12. Torque 3D should get C# support, it's lot more easy than C++, it's very popular with lot of people already using it in Unity.
  13. I agree most people won't want to learn a scripting language that is used only by Torque 3D. While lot of people already know C# and they prefer to learn C# that is "portable" or usable in other 3D engines or for other purposes.
  14. The game is still in development, there is a video about inventory system
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