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  1. Not sure but I think that rendering a lot of smaller objects increases drawcalls which can make your game more cpu bound (torque currently depends a lot on single core performance for rendering) so it's better to have larger objects. EDIT: Torque implements some kind of instancing but it can make the situation even worse https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/issues/678
  2. I found a modified water shader i was experimenting in the past which adds a second foam layer to water. It has the default fields for direction and speed and I think it's easy to add sequence animation or at least fade it in-out. About the shoreline foam maybe we could do something similar but i really think this is beyond my skills :( http://s16.postimg.org/5cnrpfhr9/foam.jpg i can share this if you find it useful.
  3. I think the Pacific Demo has some kind of wave foam by placing decals with transparency & animation near the terrain. But if you want animated foam on the water without particles you could use a flat mesh with sequence animation material as previously suggested.
  4. You just need to copy an existing variable like this. You can create a new protected boolean variable mUpdateTexture to the class, initialize it with true here and add the field here. Then change this line to: if ( Platform::compareModifiedTimes( baseCachePath, mTerrFileName ) < 0 && mUpdateTexture ). EDIT: You also need to read/write the mUpdateTexture variable to the network stream (TerrainBlock::packUpdate() & TerrainBlock::unpackUpdate())
  5. I think the proper way is to add a new field to the terrain object (a boolean flag). Then you can modify this function to check the flag and enable or disable the basetexture generation.
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