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  1. Duion, really? @markcopperman78, No, Mr. 78. Torque3D requires TorqueScript to operate, but why do you ask?
  2. Duion, I feel you you bro. I'm with you all the way.
  3. That response doesn't answer my question. To answer yours, I have not done a human model in Torque as of yet. But try to catch me on YouTube in a couple of weeks, and I will have a video of a character made with Blender and MakeHuman.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to execute an external application from within Torque? Does anyone know the command to do so?
  5. bsisko


    Has anyone tried working with the JSON file format with Torque? On a side note, has anyone here heard of the CastleDB database?
  6. Which character modeler are you using?
  7. @Chelaru Wow, I didn't know this topic was that hot!. Forgive me. I guess I'll be watching this thread if it got this much response in so little a time! @Duion The Steering Committee hasn't been around for two years. Should I star a new thread for this topic, or can you reply on this one! So who is steering Torque Development?
  8. Chelaru, Have you used this thing?
  9. Thanks, Duion, It really helps out in some videos I'm going to create in June!
  10. I do not know Lua. I know it works with Lumberyard. but why do you want to use it with Torque?
  11. How would I attach a file, image, or a code snippet to a post?
  12. What modeling software are you using to create the models?
  13. Just curious, If you're trying to sell something new, exciting, and different to someone, why would you want to use someone else's work that they have seen thousands of times before?
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