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  1. Are you still working on the site. I would like a link to it.
  2. Duion, really? @markcopperman78, No, Mr. 78. Torque3D requires TorqueScript to operate, but why do you ask?
  3. @Duion, Is Torque 4.0 avialable for use. Where can a person download it?
  4. @fLUnKnhaXYU, Thanks, a link to that site would be greatly appreciated!
  5. @ fLUnKnhaXYU Thanks for the tip. Of course I was already aware of that info. The problem I'm Having is that I have a hard time updating the version to the latest version of Blender which is now in 2.91. If there is a download link for 2.49 of Blender, I guess I wouldn't mind using that.
  6. Thanks ProgrammerJ2, I am about 3 months from completing my first commercial game for TGE (estimated) that will be called 'Johnny Trouble'. AS of now, I use many of the popular free tools on the market. Blender Trenchbroom J.A.C.K. Torque Constructor for level creation. If you have been using TGE all these years, I am sure you have heard of them. Right now, I am on the hunt for a .dTS and .DSQ exporter as well as a sound and speech editor. I have Ultimate Unwrap that supports .DTS exporting that I have been trying to register, but family and creditors need my money more than I do. UU only costs $60.00 to register. Then there is Milkshape that has been around for years. As for terrain creation, you can get no better than the one included with TGE. In fact, I think it is better than the one included with T3D. However, when I want to get fancy, I use L3DT for terrain editing.
  7. @ProgrammerJ2, I welcome you to this site. I asked for this site to be started because I am a die hard TGE fan and enjoy over T3D. To be transparent I do use other engines like Godot, Unity, and Lumberyard, but TGE is my favorite for FPS and RPGs. Because I play around so much, I haven't done much usefulness with Torque as I would like to. Based on your last two posts, it seems like you will be a much needed welcome addition to these sites. I'm interested to know why you like TGE instead of T3D or other, what tools you have and are willing to share. I will share mine. BTW, look out for me on YouTube soon. The title of my series will be 'GameDev Diaries with Crazy Scorpion'.
  8. Noeman, Thanks, I'm sure that a lot of Torque users will appreciate you!
  9. Welcome to the team Aldoz. Question, With all the engines on the market, both free and commercial, what brings you to Torque?
  10. I have an issue trying to get transparent levels to work in my game level. I want to create windows in my buildings. I'm using Gimp to create the textures, Trenchbroom and Constructor to create the levels, and finally TGE 1.4 for the game!
  11. Mr. Campbell. Thank you. Thats exactly what i have done the next morning. It worked without a hitch.
  12. I'm using the Torque Engine 1.4 to contruct a game . I made a level (interior) in Trenchbroom, saved it in .map format then converted it into .dif format using the maptodif tool. On that end, everything worked fine, but I get this error when loading into the Torque editor. See attached file!
  13. Duion, I feel you you bro. I'm with you all the way.
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