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  1. @Duion Be the change that you want to see! That's the beauty of an open source project. There is nothing stopping anyone from forking the engine, renaming it (optional step here), forming their own steering committee and taking the development in whatever direction and at whatever pace they so choose. You could even define the methods of communication for your steering committee so an aversion to Discord would not make you feel isolated and out-of-the-loop. Who knows, a little competition might spur development...or it could kill both engines...but you won't know unless you try. It is bound to
  2. Is castDynamicShadows = true; set for the material on the rotor and helicopter? If not, that's probably the problem. Looking great btw.
  3. I'm posting this here hoping to save someone debugging time. We use looping music during our game menus and the music changes as you switch menus. I noticed memory usage would increase every time the music changed. You can see the issue with devhead or release and full template by doing the following: Launch game, make sure OpenAL is the sound provider and open the guiMusicPlayer. exec("core/scripts/gui/guiMusicPlayer.cs"); toggleMusicPlayer(); Select "art/sound/environment/amb.ogg" (because it's big). Click play, then stop and repeat several times while watching the apps memory usage and
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