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  1. Yeah, DXT1 looks fine to me, all together it came out about half the size of the original png with mipmapping on board, so, yay! Thanks a lot.
  2. Ah, thanks, I didn't know that, and that explains why so often there are triangles that extend off the right side of the file. They do sometimes put two textures next to each other, but it's not the typical case, and there are definitely a lot of UVs that go into space on the right, so maybe they just know which is which somehow. Re: going to yell at them, good luck with that, it's a bunch of part time volunteer people with mixed skill levels, same as every other open source project, and they have their own set of flame wars ongoing, feel free to go start one if you want but don't tell anybody you're with me. ;) :lol:
  3. Sweet, thanks! :mrgreen:
  4. Oh, nice, that came out smaller than the original png file! :-)
  5. And yeah, it looks like flightgear does do mipmapping, but apparently not with this texture, this is coming from sort of a side project within flightgear, called osm2city.
  6. Okay, I found the DDS plugin for gimp and installed it, seems to work fine. Should I use compression on it? If so, which one?
  7. Sure, here's the texture: http://chriscalef.com/files/atlas_facades.png Thanks for the help! They probably don't use mipmaps in flightgear, I'll find out though.
  8. Any idea how much would be a lot? And would it be affecting performance in any other way? I'd rather not have to define my own mipmapping unless the cost is significant, because I'm lazy and don't like to work. :-)
  9. I didn't create it, so I don't know why it has to be 16384, I expect the FlightGear artists just kept making it bigger and sticking more textures onto the bottom of it. It's only 256 pixels wide.
  10. chriscalef

    MipLevels = 13

    Just wanted to drop a comment here, in case anyone else ever runs across this issue, it took me a second to figure out what the problem was. The symptom: I was trying to import a set of building models which all reference the same huge texture, in order to reduce load on the graphics card. Great strategy, but when I tried to load it in Torque I got a hard crash every time. On debugging, I got a message about mipLevels greater than maxMipLevels. The solution: after searching around a while I found the following in gfx/bitmap/gBitmap.h: c_maxMipLevels = 13; The comments indicate that 13 takes you up to 4000 pixels or so, but my situation requires 16384 pixels high, so I jacked that up to 15 and now it works. I don't know if there are any negative side effects to doing this, does it allocate a giant buffer somewhere for every image now, or something terrible like that? I haven't noticed any ill effects so far anyway.
  11. Wow, that's quite a resource! Thanks for that one as well.
  12. Cool, good idea re: the ribbons, thanks @Jason Campbell!
  13. Well this is weird, do forum posts have to get reviewed before publishing now? I have a reply waiting but it is not publishing...
  14. Thanks, Duion! Hehe, sorry about the flying sandbags, they've since been fixed, they were placed at terrain height in an earlier rendition and then the ground changed under them. :-) The textures could certainly use an overhaul, no argument there. I can't replace the terrain itself, as in the heights, because I need to stay matched to what FlightGear has so my heli can still land on the ground. However, what I can do is replace the current FG terrain for this area with some higher res height data, this was built off of 30m height data and I have access to 10m height data, which should help a lot. I hope it fixes the river, because the biggest problem right now is the Willamette River in FG overflows its banks and knocks out several blocks of downtown on its west side. That's what those empty blocks are on the right side of the picture, because the osm2city tool I used to generate the buildings wouldn't put them in the water. One thing I could really use some help on is the weapons effects - I haven't done a lot of really high grade work with Torque particle systems, I guess I should go through the AFX stuff and see if anything pops out. The biggest issue right now is the machine guns, I have an attempt at a rocket, but my machine guns are just a raycast and a particle effect where they hit, I really need a falling stream of bullets/tracers. I'm thinking about trying to do that with PhysX but I'm open to suggestions. I need collision detection where they land so I'm not sure I can do it with particles.
  15. http://chriscalef.com/files/downtown_with_roads_banner.jpg Well, hello again! It's been quite some time since I've been by these parts, but I thought it was a good time, because I am currently deep into the process of making My First Game in Torque! (At least, the first game that is all mine, and is a serious, intent-on-publishing-come-hell-or-high-water sort of project.) I'm posting this in the Megamotion section because it comes directly out of my Megamotion project, which is sadly mothballed at the moment, except for this game. http://chriscalef.com/files/helicopter_shot_01.jpg The game is a helicopter combat flight sim based on a fictional invasion of the West Coast by a combined force of Russian and Chinese troops. As the player, you are a third rate rookie Russian helicopter pilot, who is being called up now because everybody better than you is dead. Your task is to drive the rebel forces from your side of the river, and then pursue them and destroy their base on the other side. The hardest part of the game (and it's going to be quite difficult, sad to say) is flying the helicopter, because it is a fully simulated Kamov Ka50 gunship and no helicopter is easy to fly, they basically want to turn over and kill you the second you let down your guard for a moment. You need a joystick (and a windows box) to play this, but if anybody here has a joystick with twist-rudder, or rudder pedals, and wants to join my playtest pool, you will definitely get free copies for life and my eternal gratitude. :P The building heights and the textures are all fixed now, to the level of 2001 Counterstrike that you can see in the images anyway :lol: but here is a video of me flying around during the city building process. The small window on the right is FlightGear, which is running alongside Torque and providing the helicopter flight dynamics. The big breakthrough of the past couple of months was being able to make a FlightGear build which can go "headless" and therefore not be visible to the end user, but for debug / demonstration mode I keep it visible. Credit: thank you @Duion for the sandbag nests, I sniped those from Uebergame. :)
  16. Thanks Jeff! I highly recommend playing around with FlightGear, although I think it's safe to say they have emphasized realism over usability, at least for the casual gamer. Which is to say, it's taken me months to get to the point that I could reliably hover the thing, let alone point the guns at anybody. :lol: So I probably won't have a best seller game on my hands here, even though it's fun as hell once you start getting the hang of it. :geek: But it does make for some heckin realistic chopper antics, e.g. for a movie involving attack helicopters. Maybe when all is said and done I'll be able to rent out my mad skillz as a virtual pilot. 8-)
  17. Lol, nice ROFL copter Steve! :-) Thanks Jason! I can't claim credit for the flight dynamics, it's FlightGear actually running the machine, but I'll take credit for piping the output into Torque and hooking up the weaponry. :twisted:
  18. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. The past few months have involved some significant life changes and career moves that put the Megamotion project on temporary back burner status, but there are signs of life showing. In the meantime my main interaction with it has been flying practice. I did spend a few cycles recently on particle effects, so you can actually see the rockets and machine guns. Rules: hover the Ka50 over the fuel cans for a certain amount of time, then fly around the factories, and then come back and kill all the humans as quickly as possible, and land on the last one. This match thrown off by the unexpected disappearance of the last two runners.
  19. chriscalef


    W00t w00t!! Big congrats, Damik!
  20. Hey @Timmy, thanks for the feedback! Turns out it was a silly n00b mistake, as usual. :roll: I forgot to hook up "Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)/Include" in my Include directories. :oops: But now it works! Or, more accurately, now the next bug is exposed. :lol: At least we're out of shader territory again.
  21. So, do we have any kind of booby prize for longest update procrastination? :lol: I had been off in the weeds on my own for quite some time, and then just had a half year break from all things Torque while I dealt with some unexpected personal life changes, but over the weekend I finally dusted off my Megamotion build, rolled up my sleeves, and merged in everything that has happened since January 2017. Whew! And the good news is it seems to actually be working! On my Win7 desktop, anyway. However, with the same codebase and all build steps faithfully reproduced on my new Win10 laptop, I ran into a shader bug. Execution breaks in gfxD3D11Shader.cpp, line 995, with reflectionTable = NULL. The interesting thing is on my Win7 box, this part of the code never even gets called. I did notice we have Vulkan now (?) - my CMake setup is identical between builds, but am I supposed to be beyond D3D entirely by now, and my laptop is merely falling back to it for some reason? Or is Vulkan something coming up in 4.0, and the problem is more that I haven't gone out and downloaded D3D11 for my laptop yet? (I assumed it was already on there.) Anyway, as you can see I am still fairly clueless about the whole shader side of things here. Any advice would be appreciated. Hope you all are well! Congrats on all the great work being done!
  22. Ahoy mate! Congratulations!! That's a major accomplishment. Just FYI, hate to be that guy but "Stategically design your fleet" needs another "r". But glad you got it done! Good luck with it! And thanks for keeping Torque2D alive.
  23. Wow, my brain just exploded. This is going to take a while to clean up.
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