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  1. Wow, that's quite a resource! Thanks for that one as well.
  2. Cool, good idea re: the ribbons, thanks @Jason Campbell!
  3. Well this is weird, do forum posts have to get reviewed before publishing now? I have a reply waiting but it is not publishing...
  4. Thanks, Duion! Hehe, sorry about the flying sandbags, they've since been fixed, they were placed at terrain height in an earlier rendition and then the ground changed under them. :-) The textures could certainly use an overhaul, no argument there. I can't replace the terrain itself, as in the heights, because I need to stay matched to what FlightGear has so my heli can still land on the ground. However, what I can do is replace the current FG terrain for this area with some higher res height data, this was built off of 30m height data and I have access to 10m height data, which should he
  5. http://chriscalef.com/files/downtown_with_roads_banner.jpg Well, hello again! It's been quite some time since I've been by these parts, but I thought it was a good time, because I am currently deep into the process of making My First Game in Torque! (At least, the first game that is all mine, and is a serious, intent-on-publishing-come-hell-or-high-water sort of project.) I'm posting this in the Megamotion section because it comes directly out of my Megamotion project, which is sadly mothballed at the moment, except for this game. http://chriscalef.com/files/helicopter_shot_01.jpg
  6. Thanks Jeff! I highly recommend playing around with FlightGear, although I think it's safe to say they have emphasized realism over usability, at least for the casual gamer. Which is to say, it's taken me months to get to the point that I could reliably hover the thing, let alone point the guns at anybody. :lol: So I probably won't have a best seller game on my hands here, even though it's fun as hell once you start getting the hang of it. :geek: But it does make for some heckin realistic chopper antics, e.g. for a movie involving attack helicopters. Maybe when all is said and d
  7. Lol, nice ROFL copter Steve! :-) Thanks Jason! I can't claim credit for the flight dynamics, it's FlightGear actually running the machine, but I'll take credit for piping the output into Torque and hooking up the weaponry. :twisted:
  8. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. The past few months have involved some significant life changes and career moves that put the Megamotion project on temporary back burner status, but there are signs of life showing. In the meantime my main interaction with it has been flying practice. I did spend a few cycles recently on particle effects, so you can actually see the rockets and machine guns. Rules: hover the Ka50 over the fuel cans for a certain amount of time, then fly around the factories, and then come back and kill all the humans as quickly as possible, and land on the last one
  9. chriscalef


    W00t w00t!! Big congrats, Damik!
  10. Ah, right, I was trying to use quotes and then I ran out of mental bandwidth, lol. Knew it was something like that. Re: the crippleware, yeah, I know... Still not sure of the best way to deal with that, I don't want to spend half my life trying to secure a trial version but on the other hand I could probably just get by with a simple date check or something and still scoop up the 99% of potential customers who aren't hackers (who probably aren't going to buy a license anyway). Suggestions welcome. With Ecstasy Motion we went with IntelliProtector, and they actually worked out relatively
  11. Well, in my established tradition of sneaking out soft launches to my infinitesimal market of T3D homies before it's actually ready for the mainstream, I present to you, Megamotion 2018! http://megamotionsoftware.com/files/mm_public_w_CMU.zip (Still Windows only, sorry!) That file is the crippleware version, which means only that it doesn't export BVH. It is not time limited and you can use it all day long for dsq purposes - consider that my little gift back to the Torque community. 8-) But if you actually do use it, please consider buying a license. Unfortunately, unless I ge
  12. Thank you for providing and maintaining these forums!
  13. Thanks, and thanks!! castDynamicShadows did the trick! (And that's a damn nice thing to know about.)
  14. What, did somebody mention herding a crowd of virtual humans with a helicopter? In other news, pretty sure I'm going to hell. EDIT: Btw, does anyone have any suggestions for increasing the update rate on the shadows? I would be very happy to devote a few more cycles to smooth moving shadows, given how sharp they are on everything but the time axis. I took a look around in the engine a few days ago but quickly got overwhelmed doing a Find in Files for "shadow". :-) Figured I should ask around here first. All the shapes you see casting shadows are PhysicsShapes.
  15. Thanks Timmy! More good times: Almost to the point of herding a crowd of virtual humans around the level with my attack helicopter. Does this make me a bad person? :twisted:
  16. Ha, not a bad idea, lol. But anyway, first attempt here. Still needs work on rotation speed and transparency.
  17. I know I'm sure glad T3D is still around, and grateful af for @JeffR and all the other contributors! Because after one life-work-threatening experience watching Torque almost disappear, without going open source, I am 100% committed to _never_ having the fate of my work rest in a private company's hands ever again. I can easily take a little less modern render power in exchange for a free and permissive open source license. Oh and also Blender ftw! My two cents anyway.
  18. Well, it's been a little while, but the helicopters are back in the mix! What you're seeing is a Russian Ka50 attack helicopter, (model by Emmanuel Baranger), being piloted (if you can call it that) by yours truly in the FlightGear flight simulator, which exports a stream of UDP aircraft data packets that are read into Megamotion, preserved as a dsq sequence in Torque and then exported via XML into Blender for final rendering. Rotor blades not included. Maybe next time.
  19. Well, as always I was hoping I'd have time for a little more production value, but in terms of the raw technical factors, here we have a fleeing crowd being turned by a small detachment of soldiers, using "action sequences" with startFrame / endFrame values defining the active part of the sequence. In this case the rifleFire animation affects the intended victim only on frame 8 when the rifle actually fires. In the future this will be used for many other types of actions. Clothing and rifles not included.
  20. Thanks, Jeff! Yeah I'm still working on the shadow effects - I think I have a better way now, that leaves them not quite so dark when they're in the dark. Shading them one way or another is definitely not optional if we're going to have any sort of believability here. It's all Blender fakery of course, I'm just putting up planes above them that block the light when they're in shadowed parts of the scene. I finally figured out how to mix transparency into the shader so it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I'd like to figure out how to jack up the ambient light, too, because with my better v
  21. So hey, just thought I'd drop back in here and share a couple of (blundering, first attempt) videos showing off what we're supposed to actually be doing with this thing. Much more on the way, with clothing, better lighting, more physics, more interesting AI, and better animations - but here we have at least nailed down a process for rendering out of Blender onto a transparent background, and adding masking shapes and light occluding surfaces to at least begin to fit our characters into the background. It will get more fun when we're doing it in video with other things going on as well, of c
  22. I'm still here, toiling alone off in the deep woods. Not leaving T3D anytime soon though, and hoping to have some cool videos to share shortly. Finally got a week off from day job to actually push the ball forward. Currently most involved in BadBehavior trees. Been unusually rare here in recent months also due to a rather fun side track I just stepped back from, involving a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of MPU6050 accelerometer/gyroscope chips. (More on that later, but short story is I learned a lot, and made a lot of progress, but it doesn't work yet.)
  23. Thanks Ron! Yeah, I'm becoming more and more enamored with Blender the more I use it. I never messed with it much, just because I live primarily in compiler land, but I definitely knew it was there... Now though it's filling two separate, giant roles for me and it's even gotten me to appreciate python, lol. Go Blender!
  24. Uh, sorry to say, I can't actually picture one, what do they look like? Or, wait, let me google it myself... EDIT: From what I can tell, it's just a filled rectangular block, so, yes. Although I do need to work out a lot more logic, especially for turning corners. My initial implementation just keeps everybody in the same places relative to the leader, but to be proper we need to be able to march forward and then turn ninety degrees by just having everybody turn and walk in the new direction, making one side the new front. But then I get into the list of other things this needs - like mo
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