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    The Roadmap

    Any plans for GL ES2 and Android + small boards like OrangePI? Looks really cool T3D progresses, Thanks a lot for your time Jeff!
  2. Hi all! Long time no see. I think about making a small game in T3D. The whole point is there is a car players can sit in (for example up to to 4 people). Should have AI ones to replace real. One of them is driver. The other 3 shoot 3 kinds of weapons. The goal is to run away from enemies shooting the enemies which attack from behind. Kind of fast paced shooting gallery on wheels. Driver can't shoot but drives the vehicle. The design requires a car which have openning doors and trunk and interior (as most gameplay is from first person view). So just current vehicle system will not work and require modification. Could you help me what parts of engine require my attention to implement what is desired, especially wheeled vehicle implementation? Thanks a lot!
  3. As I currently understand the asset pipeline should be the following: 1. Implement base character full with rig and skin. 2. Create a geometric cube for all the joints and remove all bones. 3. Apply morph targets to the resulting geometry as necessary, moving/rotating joint helpers as necessary. 4. Generate skeleton from joint helpers. 1. and 2. can be done with out-of-engine tools (i.e. special exporter or just directly in modelling program, but I have problems with 3. and 4. as it have to be done inside engine. Is there any libraries or examples I could look at beside Makehuman?
  4. I also have this problem with NavMesh and I'm on Linux too. The way to reproduce is to have terrain with forest on map, than have NavMesh over 256x256. If I open editor with such scene, everything is messed-up, I see lots of broken geometry on screen. If I decrease NavMesh size, the amount of broken geometry decreases and if NavMesh is under 256x256 it works fine. Looks like some corruption or type limits. I wanted to valgrind this, but had very little time for that. I don't know if NavMesh actually works when visually distorted, if I run in game mode bots behave the same.
  5. Hi, all! as I see currently many games employ character customization mechanics (or even generate all characters from standard template). This usually have some macro settings like height, arms/legs length, etc and micro- settings like face customization. Games which come to my mind are Skyrim, Saints Row, etc. Some games also include runtime mechanics like GTA SA which allows growing fat, muscles, etc. How these things are done (fundamentally? Is is possible to implement such thing for Torque3D? The most amzaing thing about this is that skeleton is changed together with body, I wonder how they do that... I know it is possible to change body via morph targets and then bake that to a model somehow ( this can be done in software for most flexible way and saved as model ready for engine), but what about bones? How to sync skeleton changes to body changes?
  6. slapin

    DAE hierarchy

    Hi, all! is this document: http://docs.garagegames.com/torque-3d/official/content/documentation/Artist%20Guide/Formats/ColladaLoader.html still relevant or there are better guidelines? I'm mostly interested in vehicle now as I model my own.
  7. slapin


    Dunno, I use i7 2600K + GTX660 on Linux.
  8. I'd kill for an example though. My map is randomly generated at start, so I need to have navmesh generated at start, then small portions can be generated. But I wonder how to use the result mesh. i.e. if I use from script $navmesh = new NavMesh() { position = "0 0 0"; scale = "512 512 10"; }; $navmesh.build(); what comes next?
  9. slapin


    Well it is definitely worth it as with Urho3D 100 physical characters spawned did give about 10-20 FPS and with 100 agents via DetourCrowd was quite well with 100+ FPS on the same machine. Need to learn source code first though. Currently with Torque3D 100 aiplayers heavily drop FPS to slideshow level so I wonder...
  10. Hi all! I was looking very hard for how to instantiate navmesh at run time and save it into save game for later use and could not find anything. Is there some example? Also I tried to use pre-made navmesh with spawned aiplayer but could not find any example on how to do that and what I miss. I probably don't know enough to search properly so could you please help and provide some info (best for post 3.7 or latest version). Any links? Thanks!
  11. slapin


    Hi all! Does Torque3D integrate Detour library? How hard would be to add DetourCrowd plugin? Thanks!
  12. That is my actual question - how can I generate 3D model at runtime?
  13. Thanks a lot! This one works!
  14. Hi, all! I want to implement what I did for Urho3D and Godot i.e. procedural roadmap + buildings (but on different level, i.e. not 90 degrees angles and different building styles will be implemented. Where should I start? I do have all the algorithms implemented already, I just need to have engine-specific hooking. 1. How can I implement procedural geometry for buildings with LODs. The buildings should be enterable and with interiors. 2. How such code is best integrated into engine, i.e. where to look for hooking that in? 3. Later I will want to have procedural terrain generation, where to look how this is done? 4. How can I store generated geometry in save file so it generates everything on New game and then everything persists throughout playthrough? Thanks!
  15. Hi all! How can I implement spawner for objects on certain criteria on level load? I know how to do it using trigger but I can't find a way to do it on level load. Any ideas?
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