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  1. Know how the shader system works in Torque? Want to make some extra cash? This bounty may be right for you. Task: A simple gradient (two colours blending into each other) shader exposed to the material layer. Set the gradient colours in the material script rather than the shader. Gradient does not change position based on camera/player perspective. Shader does not require to receive light/shadowing/spec/normal/etc. Specific use for this: Applying the gradient shader through CustomMaterial to a model (TSStatic and Shapebase). Example: This cube (or 3 planes you could also say) sha
  2. This job is closed. Thank you everyone who responded. Thank you @JeffR for your assistance. Resource with solution posted here: https://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1460
  3. I've tried taking a crack at this with some assistance of the community on the Torque Discord and spelunking old threads on the GG forums, unfortunately my C++ skills and knowledge are currently lacking and I am unable to successfully achieve the result I want. This opens an opportunity for a community member to earn some extra funds. For: Torque 3D 3.9 (unmodified, no prior C++ engine work has been done) Task: When PlayerData is mounted to an object the xaxis/yaw mouse movement is disabled (they cannot look left/right/turn around), players can still yaxis/pitch (look up/down). I need
  4. A curated list of Torque3D and related Torque Game Engine (TGA & TGEA) of games, products, scripts and resources: https://github.com/John3/awesome-torque3d#games
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