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  1. My website is no longer active (I shut it down last year), so I do not have a location to host the packs. As previously mentioned, I intend on releasing them publicly on GitHub in the near future under the MIT License. You are more than welcome to host the files on your website as I am no longer considering the licenses on those packs binding. I'll post a new thread here on these forums when I upload my packs on GitHub (Probably in the next week or two when I get some free time). EDIT 5:45PM: Everything has been released open-source under MIT license on GitHub, I've created a thread with
  2. @Duion You have my approval to do so. I've stepped aside from T3D and my game dev. stuff as it became too intertwined with my college life commitments. My old website is no longer active either so there is no web backup of it. I intend on eventually throwing all of my old work onto a public GIT repo, but until then you can contact me directly via Discord (As DT mentioned) or if anyone else has copies of my stuff, they can give it to you. Thanks!
  3. Well, that was unexpected. :)
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