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    NAT Punchthrough?

    Hey guys, Im attempting to update my game's multiplayer aspect to add NAT punchthrough. I found this thread: https://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/55824/1 but it doesnt seem like the issue wasfully resolved. Does anyone have any suggestions as to implementing this? Its really killing my games multiplayer as the idea of port forwarding is too hard for people to understand.
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  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a 3D artist to work with me over the span of a couple weeks doing some animation and a small amount of modeling/texturing. I am looking to get nicer more fluid animations for some running zombies (using the zombie pack rig), as well as some spider animations. If this is something you (or someone you can recommend) is capable of, please shoot me an email at adamb[at]ignition-games[dot]com. This is a paid position and I am only looking for 1 person to start right away. Thanks!
  4. Sounds good to me! Any advice on where I could get started with this?
  5. Thank you very much for that! Currently Im using this code: %normal = getWords(%building.getTransform(), 0, 2); %normalN = vectorNormalize(%normal); %axis = VectorCross(%normalN, "0 0 1"); %angle = mACos(vectorDot(%normalN, "0 0 1")); %rot = %axis SPC %angle; // get the world position of the click %pos = getWords(%building.getTransform(), 0, 2); // Reposition the building %building.setTransform(%pos SPC %rot); The first line I have with the normal just using the position is because the object im trying to align to is a sphere at 0 0 0, so I thought it was safe to assume that the vector from 0 0 0 to the building position would be just the position. My code seems to work fine for the most part but the alignment is a bit off and when a building is closer to the bottom of the sphere it seems to get squished and disfigured. Not sure whats causing that but Ill try using your method above to see if it works better and fixes that issue.
  6. Any idea where I could remove the truncation? This particular game in working on is single player so im not too concerned with whatever issue the truncation was trying to resolve. If you do happen to remember how to get around this let me know! Thanks!
  7. Im not sure if Ive ran into a bug here with the setText() method for guiTextCtrl but I am using one as a currency display and when I am adding larger numbers the text gets messed up. function increaseCurrency(%amount) { %dollars = someScriptObject.currency; %current = %dollars + %amount; currencyTextGui.setText("$" @ %current); } So I call something like this: currencyTextGui.setText("$" @ 1532500*2); and the result that gets printed looks like this: $3.065e+006 Am I doing something wrong here? This is with stock 3.6.2.
  8. I was able to get a .dmp file from the engine and VS loaded it correctly. This looks like its exactly what I need, thanks Richard! What is the tool in the repo you supplied for exactly?
  9. The translation from the surface normal to the shapes rotation is the part I dont understand how to do. Im glad that ive started correctly though, thanks!
  10. Im trying to align a building properly on a sphere surface and am having trouble with the code behind it. I know the ProxMine does something like this when its deployed, but thats in source code. I looked there and cant seem to figure out the script conversion. Heres whats in source: // Align to deployed surface normal MatrixF mat( true ); MathUtils::getMatrixFromUpVector( normal, &mat ); mat.setPosition( pos + normal * mObjBox.minExtents.z ); delta.pos = pos; delta.posVec.set(0, 0, 0); ShapeBase::setTransform( mat ); Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
  11. Whats the reason you shudder at PHP? haha
  12. Does the build have to be a debug build for the minidump to fully work?
  13. Its not that simple. The types of crashes people are getting have nothing print to the console. The log ends with normal outputs. The question still remains - what is this mysterious mini dump support?
  14. If I used an external non-T3D based server for player to connect to, I would for sure use the HTTPObject or TCPObject. I actually use the HTTPObject to communicate with a web server using PHP to handle my database communications for Undead Shadows. This method is also an option but have found that this can be slow. It could just be the web host i'm using though.
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