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  1. These are pics of thge decal road these textures are solid across and present some issues depending on the combination of alpha and/or transparencies applied . the next couple images are pretty bad case examples , the sub transparency , which these pics are not , looks pretty good as the top appears to overlay the bottom but I dont get shadows so ???. Im also going to look into whether different methods used with the terrain textures and/or their normal maps make any difference . thanks , oops forgot to Olive her out .
  2. thank you LoLJester , I appreciate that . Good luck with your new game .
  3. in the last post , the pics show that the shading doesnt change for the decals according to its angle as it does for the the road . So , my big idea of adding decals to the vehicle position doesnt seem likely unless Im overooking something still . I guess Ill consider creating a road , even though that seems inefficient , maybe , but you know , just playing with it . The road is just as ugly where it crosses itself .
  4. this is the decal . its the best I can do so far today . as I find myself becoming a bit pickier , I still dont find it too distrackting for a game environment , but yea . theyre ugly where they cross . BTW this is ver 3.9
  5. Maybe you guessed I was going here .
  6. hope everyone's doin well . I made a nifty road material , I think . a 512x512 which combines a few images from old demos such as FPS demo , African Savanna Pack , and Duions art , using GIMP and the Insane bump addon .
  7. Duion ,my pc isnt very powerful and Id have to learn some software , I have been considering open broadcaster for a while just haven't gone for it . so . Its nothing special but the animated textures look good . the planes can be attached to the vehicle , things like that , but i guess the nicest part would be the materials options . I ve had a working turret since page 2 of this thread , it shows the grey tank turned and firing with the projectile explosion out ahead of the gun . but yea things are yet to be ironed out completely but some imrovments every so often . Last thing was determining , in my case , that setting the turret as control object of the client instead of the control object of the player greatly improved the movement of the turret and gun but certainly not to a satisfactory degree even though the slight quirky jerkyness is possibly just a visual thing , the aiming seems pretty good and the turning speed seems to be manageable , though I havent really been hard at this for a little while , It behaved as if it were recentering while controled by the player , im guessing . At this time sorta the next thing might be projecting a cursor from the muzzle . oh yea and figuring out the tires and springs thing but hopefully that'll not take much more time .making videos sounds like fun + hope you've all been playing it safe and good luck to all of you .
  8. this is a couple of slightly crumpled planes using different materials . simulating flowing debris of such cruched infrastructure or outlying parts and such . the plan is to have long floppy suspension and simulate bobbing around within an indulation , using a slight depression in the terrain which of course will appear much deeper than appearances , with nice subtle irregularities for activating the bobbing effect . but these springs and little custom tires are being a bit tricky , It appears to be limited to 8 , really wanted 12 as i have 12 moving parts but better than nothing , yes?
  9. If I understand correctly , Id suggest making sure that the directory tree of the NPC matches the original structure from which the CS.DSO is taken , such as , if the original structure is rootFolder/art/shapes/characters/NPC/npc.dts then provide that structure in the new environment creating whatever folder/s you need . Your t3d should read the dso and if things are in place , then maybe it'll work . However you may need to make sure that other related to the object , if any , are in place like tires , weapons , animations etc as well as datablock dso or script /server file etc If you've got the time to loose , in case it doesn't work , you could try these things . You can put the DSO and model and things in place and then check the log for messages concerning the object you are working on . good luck , let us know how it goes . as Duion said , there may be legal issues concerning the copyright of the asset or of its stuff , but ,you know , dont sell it till youre sure .
  10. Bsisko - here are a few posts . I just keep a Blender folder and separate version folders in it . I dont do it the official way though so IDK . blender stackexchange post on updating blender https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/41123/updating-to-latest-blender-version cgcookie post about using the zip archive for using multiple different versions https://cgcookie.com/questions/6573-how-to-download-old-versions-of-blender link to preveious versions https://www.blender.org/download/previous-versions/ link to 249b https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.49b/
  11. the tris really added up quickly with all of those parts related to the tracks and suspension and I really don't think I can improve on the poly count , there's nothing extravagant about the model . Im hoping to scale it down dramatically starting at the next detail level where I don't plan to use the separated treads and plan to use much less detail in the suspension and rollers , the next detail levels should be very significantly smaller , removing all of the small pieces from the hull and turret leaving little more than a cube at small detail levels . Im going to try my luck and apply some physics to generate some animation for the high detail then , as you suggested , go straight to the animated textures . Its progressing along OK for now but yea I was pondering just those same thoughts . thx
  12. well , here it is Practically finished now . Im going to repaint it , see what I can do with some spring animation . A few details to go , Im not going worry about every error , I kinda like the way they look .After I wasted a few hundred tris just goofing off in the begining I tried to be as conservative as I could manage with poly count . The result so far at this highest detail is about 13,000 verts and 32,000 tris .with the tracks and rollers accounting for 25,000 .
  13. Duion , I don't remember exactly the issue/s but choosing the openAL required a little editing of the preferences file , if I recall correctly . I wont say I didnt screw it up myself with a openALsoft driver or one of my haphazard approaches to who knows but I was left with the impression 3.10 was somehow stabler . At least I, f I recall correctly , the openAl driver was an available option . Sorry Ill not be able to answer any technical questions , ok? I will be getting back to some audio adventures though , eventually . Thank you .
  14. don't mean to distract you but , since you didn't mention blender 2.49b and the blenderDTSexporter_097beta3 just made me want to remind you that they are still available . Blender has a nice decimation modifier you could try on models with too many vertices , Last time I checked maybe a year or so ago Audacity had a pretty neat new version . Reaper also offers a great program for audio , its not free but not expensive in the 60 70 Dollar range , provides free updates highly regarded tools and a more than generous evaluation policy , So, I realize you're already busy with this , and new software can be such a joy to learn .
  15. some one here can probably get you a link to this book . It covers many aspects of using the program and it has a great introduction to torqueScript .If you are new to torque3D and interested in torque3D, then you will appreciate this book . The Ultimate Guide to Torque 3D Volume I: By Robert C. Fritzen
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