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  1. didnt mention , it was decimate modifier / unsubdivide / 7 iterations
  2. this skeletons skin mesh is 25 k'ish , the bones is 101,000 + tris . even my blender is lagging pretty good with it loaded . so i use the decimate modifier on this object . and reduce it 75% in under a second almost . original 101,000 tris object after decimate in edit mode shows a lot to work with to get it prettied back up a comparison , its a bit disappointing but this is completely un retouched after the decimate and I think it will touch up very nicely . anyhoo...
  3. I forgot the jackolantern buckets but oh well . makeHuman 1.1 models/clothes/materials , torque3d 3.9 . all the characters are single size , just for this little show off thread , but the hero cape was reduced in blender 2.79 from 9000 + to just less than 1000 with decimate modifier using un-subdivide and required little touch-up . they are a bit high I think around 30 k'ish , the batman like character , somehow I,d duplicated the suit mesh in make human but only had to delete one of them . been really easy to work with these . for anyone seeing that the fps's are not very sweet . I use a AMD A6 , 8 GB RAM , vidia 610 GT . windows 7 . So , about 10 years old .
  4. a second angle , more stuff .
  5. starting on a neighborhood , blender 2.79 archimesh archipack structure making stuff (blender add-ons), and a couple of makehuman 1.1 / makehumancommunity (assets) hulk model , scaled to 7feet in blender) spiderman hood and costume clothes) blender contributions .
  6. spiffy DOF (depth of field)
  7. maybe because the images are in the wrong place . for me I had put them in the structure folder . I guess TGE looks for map textures there . your post rung a bell and I went back and looked at it . I believe my issue may have been texture location . one of my old tge folders looks like this . root/control/data/structures -- --/docks , /hovels , etc //the TGE MAPS/DIFS --/myStructures -- /myBldg001 , 002 , etc //this is myStuff root -- //and subfolders -- --/imagesFiles //All images for all maps in the other folders //are placed here in control/data/structures so , reguardless of where i put my maps.difs , the textures had to be in the structures folder . If it seems crazy , go figure . really been a while .
  8. Aristarh , thanks for the looks cool . I do not program the engine , I just use what I can that's in 3.9 . So , my method isn't very technical . I make sure that the client is controlling the player and not the vehicle , that way you can use freelook . I guess , if you wanted , you could create a very basic character whose armature is is only a root and camera , or something like that . and mount it to a cheetah mount node , i think you can easily change which node your mounted to . You can look at the cheeta in the shape editor and adjust the nodes , as well . also you can animate the eye node , I've only animated a bone to which an eye is connected and watched the animation in the shape editor . If you're changing action maps be aware that the movement commands of your current action map affect the camera when you toggle it . good luck . I'm watching your post about rotating camera and I'm hoping someone will drop a secret too .
  9. now I have 3 detail levels for the m4A3E8 (also called the easy eight ) . here she is almost ready to move into , with a little paint and some things , considering putting the cheetah engine in . anyhow , still trying to learn . oh , theres no armature to the hatches I just posed them in blender but thats what Im planning . right now all of it is 43,000 tris and I dont think itll get much larger , these details are 300 , 200 and 2 . Ive opted for multiple textures 1024 for the hull300 , 512 for the turret300 , and..etc . it just seems counter intuitive to use a 2048 while the vehicle spend most of their time at smaller and smallest details , So . thanks .
  10. These are pics of thge decal road these textures are solid across and present some issues depending on the combination of alpha and/or transparencies applied . the next couple images are pretty bad case examples , the sub transparency , which these pics are not , looks pretty good as the top appears to overlay the bottom but I dont get shadows so ???. Im also going to look into whether different methods used with the terrain textures and/or their normal maps make any difference . thanks , oops forgot to Olive her out .
  11. thank you LoLJester , I appreciate that . Good luck with your new game .
  12. in the last post , the pics show that the shading doesnt change for the decals according to its angle as it does for the the road . So , my big idea of adding decals to the vehicle position doesnt seem likely unless Im overooking something still . I guess Ill consider creating a road , even though that seems inefficient , maybe , but you know , just playing with it . The road is just as ugly where it crosses itself .
  13. this is the decal . its the best I can do so far today . as I find myself becoming a bit pickier , I still dont find it too distrackting for a game environment , but yea . theyre ugly where they cross . BTW this is ver 3.9
  14. Maybe you guessed I was going here .
  15. hope everyone's doin well . I made a nifty road material , I think . a 512x512 which combines a few images from old demos such as FPS demo , African Savanna Pack , and Duions art , using GIMP and the Insane bump addon .
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