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  1. that didn't work for me . Would it make any difference to mention I'm using ver 3.9 and I haven't tried your suggestion on 3.10 with which I usually have more luck with audio .
  2. The different texture did good , looks nice to me too . I agree with Bloodknight concerning the groundcover and things like forest objects on decals . It would make small cleared areas such as camp fires easier , some iten like a chest , small building , etc etc especially paths . Also , Ive made a couple attempts at trying to use the decals to negate the depth on terrain tiles such as sand and snow with a little parallax no luck just yet . Basically Ive tried just exaggerating the normal of the decal , which i think looks nice but doesnt seem to affect the terrain texture . a very good example can be seen in the game "War Thunder" . If anyone knows anything about it . Its a very nice effect . Steve - the tank is a M4A3 E8 HVSS . The drawing I used is a very simple hand-drawn profile , it has been a learning project . But yea , I looked it up , and discovered a couple errors - to fix . I plan on doing a Panther next to go with it . All feel free to critique it as harshly as you will , it would only benefit me nicely THX.
  3. Hi, This is very entertaining . I will be looking forward to more . epic dungeon crawlerness and where are the great B-movies ? Those werent just b movies they were panic inducing cult creating legendary greatness , uber-distinct art-form :)+
  4. certainly no apology necessary and thank you for your time Steve .
  5. The little 4 side reference image That i grabbed off of google images says Sherman 1944 , that's all I can say . I guess that its about 80% finished , some details are not there yet . and Im going to re-do the tracks
  6. I was a bit hesitant to post this because if some standard exists to activate the postfxpreset file , I do not know what it is . ok in the .mis file I add a property to "TheLevelInfo" which I call pfx , the value is the path to the postFXpreset file like this just examples- pfx = "./levels/postFXpresets/somefile.postFXpreset" -or- pfx = "./levels/konserian/konserian.postfxpreset.cs" then in the file ./scripts/client/missiondownload.cs function onMissionDownloadComplete() i add these -------------------------------------- exec(thelevelInfo.pfx); postfxmanager.settingsapplyfrompreset(); volFogControl(); //-- see following for explanation -------------------------------------- Also , in in one of my levels I use volumetric fog which was being disabled after applying the postFx so i added a function named volfogControl which I call after applying the postFX .For this I add another variable to the "theLevelInfo which I call volfog and give it the string value of the volumetric fog volfog = "lakeFun01Volfog01"; I added this function to the same file ------------------------------------- function volfogcontrol() { %volfog = theLevelInfo.volfog; //echo("++++VOLFOG = " @ %volfog); if(thelevelinfo.volfog !$= "") { echo("--------TURN ON VOLUMETRIC FOG----volFogControl-" @ %volfog); %volfog.hidden = true; %volfog.hidden = false; } } --------------------------------- Like I said , I just try to make things work so , just disregard any comments , I use them to help me solve little problems . And if you find any of it to be ridiculous , I'd only benefit to now what it is .
  7. hey all , I managed to use a ray cast from the player eye and fire the turret weapon to the spot , but still nothing with the turrets jerky turning interpolation . I'm also interested in keeping the ground cover off of the decal road . I made the tank and little green man and terrain heightmap , and am using some of the free assets available in t3d demos mainly Konserian Highlands and I think thats Ubergame grass , but my new cool pics .
  8. I dont really , just wondering if using color/colorBalance and saving the preset could be useful .
  9. Duion , Ive just upgraded to GIMP 2.10 which provides precision options one of which is 16 bit . And Yes , when i reduced the square size to 1 it was all blocky . I guess Ill take a big leap and install haloremover too . So as to not appear to take things for granted , Ive really wanted to use it
  10. this terrain is 2048 x64 square size and the line variance is less than 1/2 unit(meter) . I have seen the unsightly smoothing of which I think you are referring . Ghastly but , a few passes in gimps blurring function does ok , I think , seems I remember that it was quite blocky .. Check that in fact this terrain was hand painted in gimp and smooth a silk . But most certainly Ive encountered the blocky terrain cant remember the circumstances though . Of course you already know I appreciate it .
  11. That level of programming s a bit out of my range Duion . Maybe im wanting too much . Seems Im taking something quite nice but, mis-using it a bit , maybe , anyway , thank you .
  12. hello , Since im here anyway with my just posted issue with turretShape , Im gonna go ahead and post this new stumbling spot . The volume control listed in the sound emitters property panel in the editor does has no affect for me . I just encountered this while hoping to reduce a profile volume ie or eg or whatever a small camp fire which sounds like a roaring inferno . I haven't studied it very deeply and I am a bit unabashedly hoping someone might have a suggestion on programatically adjusting the volume . kind of strange thing that the option is in the properties but when i use Emitter.dump it shows no options for volume get or set . to clarify , as I probably should , this means ability to use the same profile at different volumes . thank you .
  13. hello , Now I have an issue with the turretShapeData heading and pitch rate while the turretShape is the control object . Any setting other than instantaneous (-1) produces an un-smooth interpolation . It will start slowly then snap to the next position . It does the same whether with an aiturret shape or a turret shape as control object . I've messed around with keyboardTurnSpeed but i don't imagine that that would be correct solution it didnt help anyway . Any idea or suggestion ? thank you
  14. One of my more pleasant expreriences while trying for a largish terrain was with a 2K at 6x square size . It behaved very nicely where the squares' edges are drawn . Larger than that produced an edge which noticeably changed slightly its Y point , creating a line that varied up and down but , even at ridiculous scale of 64 ish the result was a line which would vary maybe 1/2 unit in appearance . If that completely proprietary terminology makes any sense to you . thx
  15. first , thank you Duion for your last bit of guidance , I consider it all as best I can . And now for the latest of what I consider to be some neato shots . Pieces from the sectors demo , an enormous terrain , a couple of neato particles , specular enhancements in the windows of the cityBuildingA asset , forest (with wind adjustments) , windEmitter (see the particles ?) . In the picture is a large zone with the taller buildings and several smaller zones with a single cityBuildingA . honestly the terrain takes 30 minutes to drive across in the cheetah . Any idea on how this might would perform in a multiplayer network ?
  16. The ambient factor , though pretty nifty , did not cure the problem . I also tried scattrersky with no cloud layer and a skyBox with no cloud layer . Im sorta out of ideas . It happens . Thank you for your time and help Duion . Im left with some strange conclusion that the images will only render against some solid object within the volumetric fog ,
  17. Duion , I wish I could really explain better . In the picture see the line where the trees meet the sky and see that the fire images disappear . That seems to be the symptom . So , I have no diagnosis which would help anyone knowledgeable in graphics . Also , the normal levelInfo fog does not have this problem but the straight line atmospheric height doesnt look good to me . In my case its only with the volumetric fog and scatter sky . I did use a basic clouds object and haven't yet checked with it removed or with a skybox . Ive tried jpg png tga bmp dds , black and white backgrounds , all of the blend modes available in the particle editor . I guess to summarize Id say that without the volumetric fog its great but thats an impossible trade-off considering the atmosphericHeight straight line . And another thing , I kinda meticulously adjusted the density and texture mod to suit me and these settings gave no different results concerning the Issue thank you .
  18. as this is my second post concerning an alpha issue (I guess) , causing a slightly distractive , not exactly pretty result . I dont understand it , The issue is related to the use of a volumetric fog . Ive tried different settings and images and as with the last issue , which was about seeing through the water color through the transparent areas of the foam images , I cant resolve it . Any ideas or comments ? thanks the scene without the volumetric fog . the scene with the volumetric fog . I used the volumetric fog because of the nice resulting fog height compared to the atmosheric height setting . a closer look at the fire/smoke particles against the volumetric fog a closer look at the larger smoke particle against the volumetric fog
  19. Thank You Duion , Ill keep playing with this even though its for maybe just re-furbishing some old images , its still interesting . Im not sure of purpose of a couple of GIMP functions but , in filters/colors theres a selection for decode alpha , which returns a background color . Also in layers/transparency is one called threshhold which when to 255 or its highest setting sets the all of the colors in the image to transparent . It might be nothing , in this matter with halo , but its interesting .
  20. in an earlier post I mentioned that the small dandelion model was flashing (severely) when place on the ground . I was using 64 and 48 such sizes for square size of the terrain and I believe it is the reason . smaller numbers have no adverse affect on that terrain level at least in closer proximity to the origin . I'm playing around with it . even the largest models like sectors buildings show a nasty Y axis terrain level line or whatever it might be called , at such high number as +10,ish . others at 2048 x 8 have looked pretty good so far .
  21. more attemp at less halo using GIMP i removed the alpha channel from the images and added a greenish background and set the alpha color to the greenish background .
  22. thanks you Gentlemen for helping me to understand . It is quite considerate of you and I appreciate you .
  23. Duion , thank you for your advice concerning the legalities of an EULA .. Im more concerned with the problem with the small dandelion plant that it flashes out when closer than .2 units above the terrain . I emphasied "small" as most such models are a bit larger and do not present the same problem . That and the cheetah wheels aren't working (rotating) when used for the tires for the buggy . The steering works though .. I wanted to make my selfie beside the buggy but ,you know , it didnt seem right with it not running right .
  24. the installer requires that i to agree to "solely for personal use only" . thats pretty plain english ,
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