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  1. That isn't what nuance is Duion. Likening not being rude in online forum posts to living in a communist run society shows a level of black and white thinking that is wildly detached from reality.
  2. I think you might be in need of some nuance.
  3. Let's steer back on topic shall we. . . Tech demos such as these are in essence a flex and often are never intended to suggest how things should be done. developing a framework that can handle millions of polygons and massive textures with dynamic scaling without a noticeable performance hit is impressive. Full stop. The best way to showcase it is to push it millions of polygons and massive textures. To me, the point of them demo seemed to be letting the engine do more and more of the heavy lifting. Dynamic global illumination, cave echos, flocking "boids," IK animations; it's largely tak
  4. That's probably best. @Mitovo The problem you're reporting is certainly an interesting one, and whether it's an issue with hardware or art assets it's worth looking into. Torque3D has a nice profiler setup that might help point in the direction of the problem. Perhaps using profilerDump() on the Pacific demo and another demo would allow a side by side comparison. You can see someone else's dump here as an example. Also try playing around with the other metrics (specifically drawcalls) and see what that is showing. Posting the results here or linking to an upload might help some of the resid
  5. There are some interesting (if a bit passionate) ideas in here regarding the direction of torque, it's interface, and marketing. I think there's definitely value in them as well which is probably why @JeffR moved the posts into their own topic instead of simply deleting everything that went off the rails. There is a clear difference in perspectives here though. @Duion largely feels that getting more eyes on Torque as a viable engine would bring in more potential contributors. Sure there will always be window shoppers that don't add much, but is that really so bad? From what I can tell, @Razer
  6. It seems this topic has ran its course.
  7. Community members treating each other with disrespect and immaturity is why a code of conduct exists for both Linux and here, how do you not see that as an argument? No, you somehow managed to miss your own point. Mitovo said "In my experience, CoC's are never a problem. . .", you disagreed with that quote in your reply and sited an example where there was also no problem with a CoC but made it sound like somehow there was. There wasn't. I pointed that out.
  8. "Scandal" is a bit of an exaggeration. Linus Torvalds didn't leave the project he took a 1 month vacation. the "computing world" was in 0 danger of being destroyed least of all because of the Linux CoC. Linus Torvalds treated people like dirt for decades and issued an open apology promising to change his behavior within hours of the CoC going into effect. No harm came from it, but some good might.
  9. Caleb

    I am discouraged

    I remember when I started molecular biology for my major (forever and a half ago). On the first day of class my professor told everyone to look to the person on their left and right because one of those people won't finish out their degree. It was scary to hear and he was right of course, but don't let statistics like that get you down. Some people took job offers in different fields, some got married and moved out of state, others decided they liked their minors more and switched majors, etc. The point is that there are enumerable reasons for people to switch/abandon projects, and not all of
  10. I've been reading along quietly for awhile now soaking up the pros and cons of up updating the terrain system, but what are the real cons? Honest question here. The established system is being weighed against one that doesn't exist. I've seen the steering committee do amazing things with Torque over the years, and I seriously doubt you guys would try a new system and "ah hell let's just keep it" if it wasn't an improvement. I guess the only reason I'm even speaking up now is because "compromise" for the sake of backwards compatibility has played no small role in holding Torque back in the past
  11. Thank you for your continued work! The tiled Sci-Fi textures are especially great.
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