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  1. Hello everyone, we are summoning the annual Lucky Pack! XD Lucky Pack contains all of our available assets: Total: $179 but the lucky pack price is $29 only!!! You saved: $150!!! Which means it's likely 2.4 dollars for each of our high quality game-ready model. This pack appears randomly once a year so you don't know when you can expect it. It can only be purchased 10 times, so only 10 persons can buy all of our high quality models with such an incredible price, after that, the pack will vanish. That's why we call it the Lucky Pack. ^^ Are you right on time or are you too late? You can try your fortune at: http://chamferbox.com/luckypack.html Some closer look: Good luck! :D
  2. Thank you for the question JeffR, currently the models come with standard normal and spec maps, we'll add PBR textures soon :D We have a new model it's the Female Knight: Animations:
  3. Hi guys :D, I have a free greek statue asset for you (3 LODs LOD0 12066, LOD1 6444, LOD2 3368) XD Get it at: http://chamferbox.com/index.html Also check our new dragon, zombie dragon and scorpion monster out: We're running the Grand Opening Sale, it's 30% off for all items, but for Torque users, please use this coupon code: GRANDOPEN to get 50% off prices (valid in 3 days only) XD What are you waiting for, go to http://chamferbox.com and get those models now! :D
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