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  1. I did but it only shows bounds as collision type. Not sure if the Maya file used to create it has the collision mesh or not. This is what I was going by wheeledvehicle.cpp // Determinw wheel radius from the shape's bounding box. // The tire should be built with it's hub axis along the // object's Y axis. radius = shape->bounds.len_z() / 2;
  2. Yeah wheels are separate. I can't look at dae files.
  3. Loading a Cheetah in game and switching to object view does not show the wheels Looking at the wheel it says collision type as bounds. As for the datablock I use same numbers and I do have a cylinder as collision smaller than the wheel so not sure..
  4. I have made the collision mesh smaller than the tire and that didn't seem to work.
  5. My vehicles tires don't seem to actually touch the ground. I think the tire uses the bounding box for tire to ground collision. I have made the box smaller than the tire and still sits a little off the surface. I have altered the radius, collision tolerance, contact tolerance and it just wont touch the ground. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. If I made the var part of the datablock declaration rather than creating it in the onAdd() would it then cross network? and the object allocation will be one contiguous block rather than having to append a pointer? datablock StaticShapeData(BoxA) { shapeFile = "art/shapes/boxes/boxa.dts"; someNewVar = "22"; <<< putting this here more network friendly ? };
  7. @TorqueFan you had the magic answer. I did the same and made a engineMethod and call it just before setting the transform and it works perfect.. thanks mucho !!!
  8. If I have an object say simple static shape datablock StaticShapeData(BoxA) { shapeFile = "art/shapes/boxes/boxa.dts"; }; Then in the onAdd function BoxA::onAdd(%this,%obj) { %obj.type = 22; << memory for the object plus this extra data gets allocated at the time of creation ? } so I create one in the game world new StaticShape(someBox) { Data left out for brevity... } Later in the game I need more data about the object so I do something like this someBox.color = blue; Is the memory for this object freed then reallocated with a new size? I am getting a crash in game and I think it has something to do with poor coding techniques on my part. If I know before hand that I will need a color data should I add it into the datablock description or would it be ok to add in with the ::onAdd(%this,%obj) at the time of creation ?
  9. Using basic physics. As I said it works once but if I mount back to the bed without moving and get up again player falls through. I am using a spawnsphere with one meter size. the bottom point of the hedron is like 0.1 m above the floor. If I just do a unmount the player is standing in the middle of the bed so I needed to move him away. How do I post a direct image here? I.E. no url
  10. <?php $code = $_POST["code"]; // $tcpCode ACTION CALLED BY USER echo("CODE RECEIVED ".$code); switch($code) { case 1: updateFile(); break; } function updateFile() { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // THIS IP SENT MESSAGE $name = $_POST["sname"]; $mis = $_POST["wmis"]; $date = date("Y-m-d"); $tab = "\t"; $nl = "\n"; $ipfile = "marsonetrack.txt"; $file = fopen($ipfile, "a"); fwrite($file,$date.$tab.$ip.$tab.$name.$tab.$mis.$nl); fclose($file); echo("ok"); } ?>
  11. My player needs rest so I provided a bed. Interact with bed, you get mounted in sitting pose and pops a dialog to get up. When you click the get up button it calls this: function serverCmdDoneBed(%client) { %client.player.bedrep = 0; %client.player.unmount(); %bed = %client.player.bed; %client.player.bed = 0; %spawn = "bedSpawn"@%bed; %client.player.setTransform(%spawn.getTransform()); %client.player.isMounted = false; } I have a player spawn point called bedspawn1,2,3 etc all is well at this point. If the player sits on the bed again and gets up, they fall through the floor. Can be repeated and the spawn point is way above the floor. I have this same issue with a vehicle if I get in then out then in and back out I fall through the land. It's almost like the engine loses track of position or collision is lagging a update or it's not cleared. Been looking in the engine but can't see where it happens. anyone encounter this issue ?
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    That works great, thanks....
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    I have a door with a wheel that turns when you open it. When you close the door it should turn the wheel the other way. %door.setThreadDir(0,true); %door.playthread(0,"Wheel"); %door.stopThread(0); %door.setThreadDir(0,false); %door.playthread(0,"Wheel"); %door.stopThread(0); This does not work.... seems stopThread resets the seq to frame 0 I changed the anim to not be cyclic and still does not work. What am I doing wrong here?
  14. Bump ... any ideas on this ? I have a good system for messaging game activity if I can get this working and willing to share.....
  15. Thanks for the info. User refuses to use IE and that is the issue. Thanks all for response.
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