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    Missing DLL

    I have a couple people that can't run the game with dll issue. Game.exe click on it and they get game dll.dll can't be found. Have wiped it reloaded multiple times but game wont run on their system Windows 7 home premium. Wont run to the point that it wont even create a console.log file. I am sure it has something to do with their setup but not sure where to look. We play SWTOR together so I know he has dx9 loaded and video capable any hints/clues where to look ?
  2. Looking at Mixamo, don't see a price on it. Have you used that for your games?
  3. Thanks for the reply. My artist decided to take a different job. Hard to find someone that can do this. I don't mind paying for a reskin of something just need to get in contact. I have sent some requests but no one has got back to me yet.
  4. Would like to purchase characters with animations to drop into torque 3.8 contact me for details.
  5. That is why I would like to buy one more original. The artist quit on me days before it was ready for release so the game is done and my choice is toss the project in the garbage or release it now and replace characters and any other updates later. I have had so much trouble getting someone that can make a character with animations for Torque. Most people I have had to deal with use Unity or Unreal for that very reason.
  6. Thanks Bloodknight. I wouldn't mind buying a character that I can drop in game if anyone out there reads this...
  7. I am sure this has been asked before. I have searched but can't find an answer. Can I use the Torque3d demo character in a commercial game? Who do I have to pay to use it?
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