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  1. Yeah it runs fine with the script files in but it should run properly with the dso files yes?
  2. Trying to do a release build ( removing cs files ) I get errors in the console core/scripts/client/postFx/postFXManager.gui.settings.cs (37): Unable to find object: 'SSAOPostFx' attempting to call function 'disable' same for all the others If I put the cs files in everything runs fine. Is there a switch to make the shaders use the dso files? function initPostEffects() looks for cs files then dso but the dso won't work properly. Any clues ?
  3. That is why I would like to buy one more original. The artist quit on me days before it was ready for release so the game is done and my choice is toss the project in the garbage or release it now and replace characters and any other updates later. I have had so much trouble getting someone that can make a character with animations for Torque. Most people I have had to deal with use Unity or Unreal for that very reason.
  4. Thanks Bloodknight. I wouldn't mind buying a character that I can drop in game if anyone out there reads this...
  5. I am sure this has been asked before. I have searched but can't find an answer. Can I use the Torque3d demo character in a commercial game? Who do I have to pay to use it?
  6. Ok I see it now, thanks....
  7. Can someone tell me how to prevent groundcover weeds from rendering inside buildings, on roads etc Thanks for any help
  8. Thanks for the input, makes sense. So write float has a bit count parameter what part is being truncated if less than 32? single precision float = 1 sign, 7 exponent, 24 mantissa yes? The float in question is a rotation ( I assume normalized 0 - 1 or radian) does the engine lerp the rotation ? Not sure how that mechanism works.. Thanks for any help
  9. It is declared as a F32. As I said the function writeBits and readBits is in the engine but only used in one place other than this door code so I was curious why it is not used and should I change it .. thanks for the reply...
  10. I have implemented the door resource from Joshua Jewell later modified by Jeff Loveless. It has been working fine but I get occasional crash in bitstream.cpp void BitStream::writeBits(S32 bitCount, const void *bitPtr) where bitCount has no value therefore -> crash From the Door.cpp file bstream->writeBits( 32, &rotation ); not sure how it would fail. So the question is should I change this over to a writeFloat since rotation is a float value? In the engine (3.8) there is only one other place writeBits is even used so is that being depricated in favor of a writeFloat ? Not sure how that mechanism works other than to save net traffic sending only the number of bits needed and ignoring the lower part of the mantissa ... anyone guide me here? Thanks...
  11. Hodo33


    Well navmesh works better now that I altered a few things. I have a situation where I have 3 nav meshes but only one should be active per mission so I load the proper one for the mission. Changes I was making did not save properly so I have taken to adding the mesh to the mission, do a build, then delete the saved one, save the game and it all updates properly. During the mission I load the proper mesh out of the mission file and everything seems to work ok now. Thanks for all your help...
  12. @Flun not sure the sunsize of 100000 is correct I use 0.15 since the stock size is way to big and exposure of 9999999 would way overdrive the clouds visual. Any devs care to chime in on this? There is a huge struct and calculation for what I feel is a unnatural look. If I could just make a yellow sun I can be happy for now. Thanks .....
  13. @marauder that picture almost proves my point, go out and look at the sun at sunset and the sky around it. With all the variables in there I think it should be closer. https://www.google.com/search?q=sunset+pictures&client=firefox-b-1&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwit0KXUmYTeAhUHx1kKHe_nDIgQsAR6BAgEEAE&biw=1268&bih=745 Looking at the shaders/common/scattersky pixel and vertex doesn't show the color of the sun specifically.. I'll keep digging seems like it would be easy to just set 2 or 3 colors and lerp to the time of day but .... thanks for the reply @fLUnKnhaXYU I changed the corona graphic and material to blues and greens and no difference on the sun in scattersky ... thanks ...
  14. I have played with most all the variables on a scattersky and I can't change the sun color. In game it is pure white and the sun is kind of yellow in reality. Any changes I make to sunscale or colorize etc just turns the whole scene yellow. In the code: mSunColor.set( 0, 0, 0, 1.0f ); mSunScale = ColorF::WHITE; wont just change the sun it colors the whole scene, clouds and all. Anyone got a cool trick ?
  15. What happens when you have a large city? I thought TSstatic was made to avoid all the overhead of the staticshape. I have vehicles crashing into buildings all over. My quick temporary fix function PickupTruck::onImpact(%this, %obj, %col,%vec,%vecLen) { echo("IMPACT "@%obj SPC %col SPC %vecLen); } %vecLen does give me a value so I use that to put damage on the truck...
  16. I just noticed I hadn't responded to this. Steve got the magic fix and the bots are brutal now. Thanks for the help to all ....
  17. Thanks for the suggestions, I like the getRandom idea, allows me to look and hide a bit better. The game is a RPG shooter. I want the player to be more tactical and have to consider their actions rather than run and gun. I set their seek field of view narrow until I shoot one or just get right in front of him, then set off a base alert and make them aware of me. I time out the alert and they revert to just hanging around.
  18. %bot.setAimObject(%player) %res = %bot.checkLosToObject(%player); if(%res) { %bot.fire(true); } They shoot me through windows, door, at the edge of a building right now to check los to object I use the boteye to playereye, if I change that to boteye to player worldboxcenter then I can stand in plain sight as long as half of my body is obscured which is also not realistic hence the question... thanks for the reply
  19. I am trying to hide from my bots and peek around a corner to see them. If I use SetAimObject they will shoot me if one inch is exposed using the los test. I tried getobjectBox and then getworldboxcenter and calculate a percent of exposure which does not seem to effective. Does anyone have a simple way to see how much I am exposed to bot line of sight tests?
  20. Thanks for the info Steve. I will make some changes there and see what happens.
  21. Hodo33


    Yeah after I get in game I do a build, tell the bot to follow me and all is well. I never touched any of this code, first time I tried to use it. I do get alot of spam on this: No contours in rcContourSet for NavMesh 21533 Is there a depth issue with this object? like if I place it right on the surface or slightly below ? Sorry to be such a pain....
  22. Hodo33


    Ok starting to make more sense. I made the navmesh and it saves in my mission file is that what you mean? If so it wont work unless I do a build at load time. I can get in edit mode and tell my bot to follow me and it works fine but in game it tells me there is no valid mesh
  23. Don't suppose I can use that 3.10 file in my 3.8 build ? Not having any luck building 3.10 Somewhere the aim offset is getting changed, I'll keep after it till I find it.. Thanks.....
  24. Hodo33


    Well I got it mostly working. I discovered you have to do navmesh.build() when the game loads. I notice in the navmesh description the line vehicles = "0" I changed that to a 1 rebuild and the bots still collide with any vehicle. Any way around that ? thanks for your help by the way, checked out your game, impressive...
  25. Hodo33


    I got the navmesh to build and I can run the bot around, works fine. Question is I have an aiPlayer I created, how do I make this bot associate or know about the navmesh? I call %bot.findNavMesh() and it returns -1 I note in the c++ the line "Get the NavMesh object this AIPlayer is currently using" I dont see how to make my aiPlayer "use" this navmesh. How do I point my ai to the mesh?
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