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  1. I changed the getposition in the engine to getworldboxcenter and got same result. I changed the offset to 0 0 12 and still shots my feet. As for distance if I am 10 to 15 meters he shoots my chest, beyond that always at my feet for aimobject and aimlocation I will have a look at the pitch routine and play with it some, thanks for the reply....
  2. Back in 1.5.2 when opengl was used I added this In sceneObject.cc at the end I added ColorF SceneObject::getLastColor(void) { return mLightingInfo.smAmbientLight.mColor; } In player.cc ConsoleMethod( Player, getColor, const char*, 2, 2, "Return the current color level.") { char *buff = Con::getReturnBuffer(128); ColorF color = object->getLastColor(); dSprintf(buff,128, "%f %f %f %f",color.red, color.green, color.blue, color.alpha); return buff; } I could use this to get the intensity of light on my character so I could code if the bots could see me lurking in the night shadows. Now using 3.8 things have changed and I would like to find where I could get the player current light intensity. Can anyone point me to where I could get this info now? I understand it has to do with rendering the color of a texture on the player but after much searching I am lost... Any help ? This should be part of the engine if it is not already....
  3. Bump .... anyone point me to where this fails? Is this a bug?
  4. using version 3.8 %bot.setAimObject(%player,"0 0 3.0"); supposed to be aim and my player with offset. No matter what I put in the z offset bot shoots my legs %aim = %player.getWorldBoxCenter(); %aim = setWord(%aim,2,getWord(%aim,2) + 2); %bot.setAimLocation(%aim); no matter the value I add to z the bot shoots me in the legs can someone clarify how I can use the setAimObject with offset so the bot hits me in the chest or head? Same with setAimLocation what am I doing wrong? I get my player position before applying the offset 592.401 -480.159 128.553 here is the value after 592.401 -480.159 131.478 bot shoots me in the legs help?
  5. Hodo33

    DLL Missing

    They have run as admin with same results hGame = LoadLibraryW(dllName.c_str()); I can't see it fail at this point even if I change to hGame = LoadLibraryW(L"game.dll"); I built 64 bit release and they use 64 bit mode. Could it be a Unicode thing with the LoadLibraryW being the culprit?
  6. Hodo33

    DLL Missing

    Both machines have dx9 june 2010 runtimes I made sure Like I said I have other machines set up the same with win 10 dx9 and they run fine, just these 2 giving me fits. I looked at the game.exe where it resolves the dll name and calls the dll I might hard code it to look for that string. Any thoughts?
  7. Hodo33

    DLL Missing

    I have 2 users with this error Unable to find game dll Unable to load game library: %s. Please make sure it exists and the latest DirectX is installed. The dll exists in the root and is the proper size but game wont launch. Both computers are Windows 10 I have 20 other computers including win 10 machines that run it fine. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  8. Up and running meaning I can use VS 2017? Why go to all the trouble of using cmake to generate it wouldn't it be simpler to just post a game.sln for 2017 ? I'll do the cmake deed but seems redundant.. Thanks for the help and info...
  9. can this be built using vs 2008? if so does someone have the solution file?
  10. Update: I got it to mostly build in 2017 using 2012 sln Open AL wont build because of the include path. In the lib directory I find this Engine/lib/openal-soft/include/al but the includes path in the compiler is looking for engine/lib/openal/win32 any suggestion to rename directory or change path in compiler ? Thanks for any input
  11. Thanks for the input. Opening the 3.10.1 full template there is only vs 2008, vs 2010 and vs 2012 in the build directory. I have 2017 so which solution should I use to convert? Is it possible to drop a 2017 solution into the build directory for future use?
  12. just go to engineTypes.h and every line is syntax error. I dont think it's one line that is bugged it's a setting someplace. Like to think the build would just work right out of the box on virgin code.
  13. I get many lines of this Engine/source/console/engineTypes.h(589) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '}' can someone direct me to fix this?
  14. If you want aiPlayer to react to player as in movement? I always have each AIPlayer know the distance from each Player object. If < somedistance then check if the player is making a sound. Like if the player is sneaking past like crouch move then ignore him unless the AiPlayer can see him. I also have a timer where if the player moves too fast like running then assume you can hear him. But if I take a step, stop then some time later take another step the AiPlayer is less likely to detect the movement. For other objects like a gun reload, again distance from AIPlayer < somedistance then detect him. A vehicle < distance then react. I find it easier to just check proximity which I constantly keep track of then some action will trigger a detect. Hope this gives you some ideas....
  15. Thanks for the reply, yes I have a grenade::onCollision that will detect hitting a door but typedef for building, floor, wall still eludes me
  16. I have a grenade I can toss into a room. Created as ItemData. Can someone tell me where the collision against a wall or floor or vehicle takes place? I can't find a Grenade::onCollision() function in script. The reason I ask is I want it to explode if it hits a certain type of object like a door or vehicle instead of exploding on timeout. I need for it to bounce off a wall, hit a vehicle then explode... Thanks...
  17. Thanks for the info, sounds like engine change would be easier
  18. I want to get access to the node points on a decal road so my aivehicle will path along the road. After looking at the c++ code I find this jewel dSprintf( buffer, 1024, "Node = \"%f %f %f %f\";", node.point.x, node.point.y, node.point.z, node.width ); It prints the node points in the mission file but no way to index them. I can add the index to this printout but not sure how to expose the node array to script. Any ideas there ?
  19. Thanks for the reply. I got the push pop movemap figured out and yes the flight physics needs a bit of work. W or mouse wheel should set a constant power level. Other than that the plane flies, banks like it should and I put a rocket launcher on it wish I had more time to dig into the engine physics.
  20. Ok yer right, my bad.... I use a 128 gray and set z to 0 and it always works, artist didn't follow that rule. Thanks to all for the reply < slaps forehead>
  21. I am trying to place an object on the ground in the game. Using getTerrainHeight(%x,%y) or getTerrainHeight(%x SPC %y) returns a z value not even close to the actual z. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  22. Thanks for all the info... my artist uses Maya, dont suppose there is a skeleton out there for the character that comes with game?
  23. Hodo33


    Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at these things. I have developed my own AI system and thought the navmesh was a A* technology for moving the bots around.
  24. Hodo33


    I can't find much info on the navmesh tool. I have a bot in the nav area but not sure of any script commands I can give it to spawn, shoot, chase or hide. I saw a couple videos on setup and testing but nothing about how to use it in game.. any help or pointers ?
  25. I managed to get my player mounted in a airplane but I can't get it to fly around. Anyone have an example action map for making a plane fly?
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