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  1. @TorqueFan I was interested in changing the weapon, I have a pistol with silencer but I can't just put it in. It wont show up properly in first person view. How would I just change the weapon?
  2. bump... anyone have a suggestion? I cheated the thing by replacing the blades with a texture and rotating but not a good solution.
  3. Yes the blades are part of the mesh. From first person view they don't spin either. Seems the 3rd person view does not use the cam node for position, I moved it up and forward and no effect. I also noticed the engine sound does not travel with the object like wheeled vehicle. Thanks for the reply....
  4. I made a helicopter with spinning blades and set it up as a hover vehicle ( dosn't have to fly much ) the blades spin fine on the ground but when I mount the character from the cam view the blades are not spinning. Tried to use %obj.playthread(0,"spin"); but no luck. Any ideas ? Also I want to change the 3rd person camera position and all I can find is this cameraMaxDist = "10"; which is just how far behind the vehicle the view point is....
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