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  1. Ugh not to derail, but how do you even get the size of the map/terrain in game units? A while back i looked for it, but i couldnt find it and till now i forgot about this issue.
  2. Hello duion. Since i have a personal interest in ubergame and t3d i had thought that during a little vacation i took recently i might tinker with ubergame. My first intention was to make a gamemode where weapons and items cost money, sort of like in counterstrike. But what struck me first was the messy sms.cs file, long story short i made it more modular by adding softcoded categories, in contrast to hardcoded variables. It took me a while figuring out this inventory system, its gonna take me a bit longer to make cool things with it. I also noticed in the gamemodes there is a allowed player class but not a disallowed classes list despite in the inventory there being a class selectable in the armory. I have not taken yet any advantages of the newer system yet, but i thought a assault soldier and recon soldier class for regular gameplay, one having more hp the other being faster. Since i dont use github, i will attach the modified files in a zip and hope you merge those. I assume you still use the same github account you had, asking since it seems no changes were made in quite a while. I will try to make small contributions and little stuff when i find spare time/energy in this ever denser spiraling universe of spacetime, lost in a digital ocean. Best of luck in the meantime. ubergame.zip
  3. Im not so sure what this thread was meant to be but it seems to have turned to a language discussion. I put in my words of limited wisdom here. The main argument in favor of TS seems to be "its not all that bad", which is somewhat true. Its comparable to most other languages, lua particularly, except the one thing where it kicked me in the crotch was lack of proper arrays. I would argue that the best move is to use lua instead of torquescript, i have a few points in favor of that. Ts is already so similar to lua syntactically it would make conversion of ts to lua pretty easy and the codebase is not so huge that it would take a tremendous amount of time. I dont know much on benchmarking but the game spring1944 uses lua very extensively and manages to deliver good performance. Unlike C# its not a heavy language, in my experience of game design more is less, even openra which is written in C# uses lua as scripting lang. Its a widely used language with lots of libraries nowdays. The lack of proper arrays in ts is just a big no go for me, i know there are special objects for that, but thats a bad hack that just will go wrong lots of times. The explicit differentiation of comparsion operators for strings and numbers is a hit waiting to happen, atleast lua gives you an error when you try something like that. Ts probably wont be changed in the future i guess, but its still something that the t3d devs have to maintain inhouse. Some have argued that if someone cant be bothered to learn ts then they wont care much bout the engine, but some in house built scripting language is always a slight downer compare to using something time proven. Godot was cited as a engine using successfully using its own language, but i use gd script and its always a slightly bitter experience regardless of how easy it is to use Its a cheap argument to make, but get with the times, ts wont get attractive no matter how many games are made in it, it will always remain some kind of obscure outcast. I suppose the main problem with those arguments are there are neither any real pros or cons in regards to keep using ts, it boils down to a matter of experience and preference for most of us. Ts may have been a good thing back in the day given the age of the engine and it still does a good job, but my view of things is that lua does the same job but better. Even tough i can see why some would like a more heavy language like c#, doing the game code in a lightweight language is in my experience the way to go. I suppose regardless of how this goes theres always gonna be a dislike of .
  4. That argument can be used for discord more than matrix, matrix uses many different clients and supports inter protocol communication, i have seen matrix, irc, discord and slack all in one channel. I used discord and in the past and i had a bad experience with it, so i ditched it and there are no alternative clients so youre stuck with it. With matrix<->discord bridging support anyone who wants can keep using discord if they like. Using a silly argument as "keep you and Richard Stallman happy" in a opensource game engine is like going to a denim and leather bar and complaining about the fags dancing with each other.
  5. This sure seemed to have turned a duion bashing fest it seems to me. Im not gonna try to get between sides but ill drop my feedback in. So far my experience with duion is he is usually the first to give advice and actually delivers with ubergame, speed might be arguable but the quality is good. I dont see the big issue with trying a steering comitee with duion in it, whats the worst that could happen, probably nothing would happen and things go on as they do. Its not like hes gonna delete t3d or open a gateway to hell. May i also suggest we save this reorganization for after 4.0 so jeff can focus on finishing business. Maybe after some time and reconsideration we can discuss this in a more productive manner.
  6. I and many people i know dont like discord either. To suggest a more modern alternative than irc we could use matrix, which is an open protocol with working opensource clients such as riot and others. It has all the modern stuff you need backlogging, synchronization, filesharing, voice and video chat. The riot client works in browsers, on android and desktop computers. The protocol is federated and everyone can run their own server, but its not worth the effort imo so we could just use the one on matrix.org. Matrix also supports bridging, which also has been used with discord, so people can use discord or matrix and be on the same channel. Me and some of my friends use it extensively for gamedev talk, it satisfied all our needs so far.
  7. Code_Man


    Im pretty sure i used the navmesh move command properly, but will tripple check then. I will give the navmesh test bot a try.
  8. Can you just jump off the floor? Also you could make custom commands to add an impulse to the player, this should allow for up/down movement in 0g. Sorry to derail this thread, but i want to ask another question and dont really feel like making a new thread, but how can i make a bot crouch/jump/etc?
  9. Code_Man


    I have been trying to use the navmesh, but it seems setPathDestination does nothing and without any documentation ive no idea how to debug this.
  10. +I tried a couple of times and in my experience i have to say its very tedious setting up vehicles that even work. There seems to be a whole lot of issues from my experimentation, especially in relation with springs/collision to work properly. I had sessions full of where i had to tweak around blindly because my vehicles would fall trough terrain. I dont know how feasable it is, but might t3d support realtime vehicle characteristics editing ingame? Like in a menu with the values that you can set and old engine i used to mess with ancient times ago called w3d used to have such a menu, it was real neat. Also would love gear ratio settings, missing for good vehicles imo.
  11. The methods to read the ignore list are either not available or not documented in the torquescript api. Thanks for pointing them out, i will certainly try these.
  12. @Azaezel Interesting, the last two methods seem not documented. They are part of the AIPlayer class in c++? I still need some more answers on how to use the navmesh. Can i just place it anywhere and have it cover an area? Does it work only on terrain or can i use it in conjunction with solid TSStatic objects? Will it only work when i place it or can it update itself even after i move some solid objects? Do the navmeshes rely on nodes or is it place and go?
  13. Code_Man

    I need support

    We cant help you with custom components, Torque3d has no launcher so this must be something else. T3d is multiplatform, it runs the same way on mac, windows and linux. If the launcher is significant you need to learn yourself how it works and try to find out what it communicates to t3d. I assume you have the full files for the virtual world, in that case what you could do is grabbing a clean version of t3d and try porting it there. T3d has no default launcher, account system or domain associated things. If you want help you need to provide more information.
  14. Simple question, what is a navmesh and how can i use it? It seems to be an object, but i could not find corresponding object in the documentation.
  15. I read that a cone in the model of a turret is used as the scan angle specifier, however i dont know how exactly this works. Does anyone know if such a cone could be used to make a full 360 scan angle or scans in multiple direction at the same time. Is there a point in this kind of specification vs datablock field? Another problem i have is that it seems i cannot read out the items in the ignore list, which is troublesome to me. I havent done much experimentation with turrets otherwise so far.
  16. Yes that was it, stupid beginner mistake, thanks.
  17. Code_Man

    The Roadmap

    Good thing you keep us on the loop, but i dont understand a whole lot of this. Is there anything significant that gamedevs who dont mendle in the engine guts should know about?
  18. I have been trying to play with turrets but despite tweaking the hell out of them i must say they feel pretty weak and useless. Is it correct that AITurret can only rotate in 180 degrees? Is there some way to hack around this? Also is the turret required to see a player in order to target him? Would it be possible to have the turret attack the player instantanious once he is within line of sight?
  19. I cant get a bot to have a weapon, i tried in 3.10.1 and git development. Following code is what i tried, according to the docs its all in order. function addBot() { %name = ""; %spawnPoint = pickPlayerSpawnPoint("BotDropPoints"); %bot = AIPlayer::spawnAtLocation(%name, %spawnPoint.getTransform()); %bot.clearWeaponCycle(); %bot.setInventory(Ryder, 1); %bot.setInventory(RyderClip, %bot.maxInventory(RyderClip)); %bot.setInventory(RyderAmmo, %bot.maxInventory(RyderAmmo)); // Start the gun loaded %bot.addToWeaponCycle(Ryder); %bot.mountImage(Ryder, 0); return %bot; } Did i do something wrong or is the engine bugged?
  20. Code_Man

    Clean Core

    Uhm any more info that doesnt involve sifting trough the work blog?
  21. Bad news, seems that just setRotation actually changes velocity even when i remain in the same spot. Not sure how to work my way around this other than implement my own kind of velocity check that accounts for differences in position only. What the hell is going on here? Any alternative suggestions?
  22. I am facing a similar issue now but i cannot fall back on what i did previously. I am trying to make turnable vehicle turret, however once again i cannot set the camera rotation. %client.camera.setRotation(vectorAdd("x y z", %client.camera.getEulerRotation()) doesnt do squat, i tried with setMode("FreeRotate") too but no effect. However since i intend to make vehicles with turrets and barrels, i will probably add a shapeBase as a turret and shapeBaseImage as a barrel. If i can get the camera to be inside the turret i might solve my issue on atleast one axis, but now i wonder what would the control object have to be so i can delegate commands to both the turret/barrel and the vehicle itself. Anyone have an idea?
  23. I need the speed of the player to implement weapon accuracy modifiers based on it. The code i posted is the very one i am using in a function that gets scheduled every second once player spawns, %obj is the player in this case. Since there is no other callback function that i can check if the player is moving i probably rely on this method. I also noticed there is no "walking" pose in getpose(), i dont exactly know what pose is meant to represent, but its odd there is a sprint pose but no moving pose. Perhaps in the future it should be extended to cover player movement. Cant post the whole thing right now cuz its on my other pc. Im not much of a math person, im not sure if vectorlen is what i really want but i suppose it should be close enough, can adjust it later if need be.
  24. I have a little odd problem, i try to get the absolute sum of all fields from velocity, the speed so speak. However when i get an output that looks like "00" or "x.z.y" where x y and z are numbers when i use the following code. %v = %obj.getVelocity(); echo(mAbs(getWord(%v, 0)) + mAbs(getWord(%v, 1)) + mAbs(getWord(%v, 2))); I dont know whats wrong and is there some kind of function builtin perhaps to save me the code mess?
  25. Ok i used the method where the variable that gets input gets modified, it works ok so far, cant speak for multiplayer. But im still stunned at the idea what exactly happens. There must be some entity that controls where the player looks up/down serverside.
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