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  1. I need an email address of one of the steering committee members to pass on to their guy, Augusta. He said: "If you have a contact at Torque, we’d be happy to have you loop them in. We can send them a Vive dev unit and some information we have around VR & the Source 2 engine work that we did." Preferably the guy most likely to dig into it.
  2. I believe I can get you one pretty quickly actually. Are you the guy I should have them send it to? Who's Mango?
  3. Is there anyone on the Steering Committee or on the boards that is working on HTC Vive support for T3D by chance?
  4. naw, I can do it that way too but I just kind of 'rediscovered' the sketch tool and thought I'd make use of it.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I hope you can figure it out Mud-H. I need to get dimensions and protrusions of our ship interior so we can make an outer hull more effectively.
  6. hey Duion, thanks for the reply. How do you fix them by hand? Is there info anywhere?
  7. I thought I read somewhere on the GG forums that we could export shapes made with Sketch Tool out as collada files. Is that still the case? I don't see the option in my current build. EDIT: We got it working but the dae it exports seems to be corrupt. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks, I'll play around with that.
  9. @Nils, when you say edit the normals in your 3D application, what do you mean exactly? How do you do it in Max or another 3d app? Can the technique be used for hair and palm fronds etc? I have the same issue with several textures where transparent z-write looks so much better and realistic but the water in the background messes it up. Also, with transparent z-write on, my palm fronds don't drop shadows. Is there a fix for that?
  10. Awesome stuff! I wonder what is different about the T3D fog system and the one the Cry Engine uses? That's kind of the look I'm trying to achieve but it seems that I can't quite get it. It must be a difference in the rendering engine?
  11. This looks really great Mud-H! Do you have any plans for PostFX settings or fog enhancements? I have a lot of trouble in those areas.
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