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  1. I like that there are guidelines and a path for correction explicitly in place.
  2. You're not wrong, Phantom_Limbs. In fact, the point I was making was that people disliked gdscript, and yet the engine still became popular before the other languages were implemented. The proposal you made is one I've been contemplating, as well, and inspired by, it seems, the same Godot article. It may be unnecessary for me to say I agree with Azaezel's points, but I'll do it anyway.
  3. I dislike TorqueScript as much as the next guy, but if we're going to all in with anything, that should be our choice, I think. Its strengths outweigh its negatives for its intended use cases. I've gotten started on a t3d-tools extension for vs code which for now adds code completion, snippets, refactoring, and code navigation. Debugging and profiling is on the TODO list, but it's not as straightforward. The rest of your points... I'm not really sure I'm convinced about C#. I'd love if Lukas would be able to finish getting that popped in there, because who doesn't want more options, but the
  4. I'll volunteer to help with getting these updates to happen, but can you point out exactly what you want changed? I've got my own list of modernizations that need to happen, and I'd be happy to add any solutions you have to my notes. Problems -- well, there are plenty of those, and we can all see them for ourselves. The issue is there's not enough bandwidth to deal with stuff that's not immediately important to our individual interests. Also, can we all please roll the flaming back just a tad? The community is small enough as it is, let's put in some effort into trying to be more welcoming
  5. Version: Devhead, Feb. OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 CMake: 3.12.1, 3.13.4 Generator: Visual Studio 15 2017, Ninja Compiler: Visual Studio 2017, Clang 7 Visual Studio 2017: Works seamlessly from clean install. No hacks required. Clang 7: Fails, currently unable to resolve issues.
  6. I've been watching the growth of the Godot engine, and I'm not sure that's a fair assessment. Instead, I think it's because Godot has certain strengths that it leverages correctly and follows through on that with appropriate marketing and development. The difference is that Torque3D's strengths take a tremendous amount of time to improve or change, because unlike Godot, it is a historied engine with a massive codebase capable of doing a great many things. The purpose of this thread seems to be to embrace the metaphor of Startup!Torque3D, and a part of that is analyzing the demographic we serve
  7. I agree, metrics would be a useful starting point for figuring out what avenues of approach will yield the best results. However, I think we can perhaps make some judgements based on reasoning and the observable statistics of other major websites in the meantime. For example, github and the google results for game engines: https://github.com/collections/game-engines https://github.com/topics/game-engine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines. There isn't much we can do with the wiki entry, except update it when there is something spectacular with which to update it, but we
  8. I've seen this mentioned before: "decent but outdated engine with a weird scripting language for which no modern tooling exists and moves on." Did Godot's scripting language put people off? Not at all. Godot got c# and python scripting well after it boomed in popularity. Writing UE4 blueprints is not really a transferable skill, but that sees quite a bit of use. Regardless, a better scripting interface has been proposed and work on it has started. Is the real issue that there is no modern tooling? If so, Torsion is a thing that exists, and creating language highlighting and tossing it in
  9. Oh, I didn't realize! That's entirely my fault, but now that I've realized that, as well as the vital fact you have in fact completed a game, unlike the rest of these plebeians, I must accept your claim that you are one of the best artists around these parts, although I've seen your art and I personally wouldn't be so hasty to do the same, I can only respect that as two master artisans of our craft, we must by necessity have differing opinions. But I should respect you above these others, at the very least; so sorry for that slight. Still, obviously, I've made way more than just one game, so w
  10. Excellent contribution as usual, Duion! That got me thinking, if we constrain by game type, what type has the most core features common across the others? And if we constrain by theme, should we select it based on some similar criteria, random chance, or perhaps even following trends?
  11. This is an amazing idea. Would it be better to select constraints based on game type or theme, I wonder?
  12. It might help if you go back and actually read what I've said so far; I'm not at all interested in arguing with you to begin with, and even less so as it's becoming clear you have nothing to say but ad-hominem attacks and outright bullying. All you've done so far is prove exactly the points I had made before, far from discrediting them. As I said, please provide evidence of your superior credentials? Unless you're seriously trying to claim the stuff you have on your site is superior to the work that's gone into the engine over even the past couple of months? If so... Not even remotely close
  13. I think our credentials as far as how adults speak with each other show very clearly even within this thread. For the rest, could you kindly point me in the direction of these credentials of yours that you claim exist? I'm sure you're speaking nothing but the truth with your claims, but I've yet to come across anything to back that bluster up. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
  14. I'm not at all interested in bashing anyone, and in fact I would greatly appreciate if the personal attacks could be reduced to something in the range of non-existent. [mention]Duion[/mention], the problem here might partly be a difference in philosophy, and since this is primarily a game and game engine development community, more credence is given to contributions along those lines, and the philosophy of those most capable and prolific in that department is valued above others; whether or not this is right is a different discussion and one I have little interest in going over, as it is mo
  15. I'm largely active in the Discord server, but I felt I was in a position to address some of the contents of this thread from a relevant perspective. Take it for what you will. The ideas about clarifying future plans, current activity, and existing features is something I've mentioned on a few occasions, and I've suggested ideas which Jeff has agreed with me on, but that have yet to be implemented. The first time I brought it up was nearly a year ago, and it was already something that had been discussed before that, I'm sure. You might think I'd be upset about this, and perhaps I will surpri
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