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  1. I'm going to add that I am not the sharpest programmer, and I might have to take back what I had commented earlier. onObjectSelected(%this, %obj) isn't a GUI function and should be ignored. Some of what I said should make a little more sense when you get to know the system more.

  2. Certain GUI elements are updated on an action event, (ammo in the FPS demo, etc) . If you take a look at these events, you'll get a better idea of how it all works. I know theres a onObjectSelected(%this, %obj) event method, not sure if the scope exists on all GUI elements or what, but after it would be called, the main GUI element is stored in the %this variable and you're able to dig into the object further. A lot of these events and object properties can be found in the Torque documentation, found on google, you just have to keep in mind the object you're referencing.

  3. No problem. It's not the greatest fog but it works.


    When changing the height to infinity, looks perfect over here. Only way to make it better would be to lower the height of the fog, and add a smoke effect over the top layer so it has a 'rolling' effect



  4. The attribute 'nearClip' effects values for every object and terrain piece (not just the camera) and makes it all funky if you go below the value .1. I'll look into wrapping the camera with a collision and report to this thread if it does anything for me.

  5. I can make a website with a short to-do list in the matter of weeks where we can categories different Torque3D subjects and videos to get a better over view of the the different resources, examples, and tutorials out there on the ever-expanding web. We can utilize sources that exist to this day - YouTube videos, forum posts, and whatever else you can think of. Is anyone else interested in this? It isn't on my main list of tasks, I want to create a game I've been envisioning for over 10 years, but I don't mind taking this on. Of course, it wouldn't be hosted on Torque3D.org forums, we would have to come up with another domain.

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