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  1. @Faustlogic, great gift for T3D community... thx a lot :)
  2. Hey BeamNG have get a Mac computer we can use for help on OSX port, but i need all posible help on this. Can be a good idea to build a small team for this.
  3. Hey we are in the way to release....next we need to publish roadmap for T3D 3.8 :P Thx all for test :) @Levitator, can you post the Linux issues on Github? It's a more controled place for problems. I will try to reproduce this weekend. Thx a review and post your issues.
  4. Qt is a very good library but i dont like ... use a preprocesor pass for extend c++ language and i think is too much big for us. SDL2 is a more small library we use for window and input, is used by Valve on all his Linux ports. With SDL and c++ library we have all we need. Permisive ZLIB license. I want to clean platform code and improve SDL2 support for next release. This is only my opinion :P @buckmaster, static linking is only a good option for small/simple libraries... more big projects some times need some custom memory allocators, compilers flags... this is a hell to handle.
  5. Sorry, at this moment i cant help on OSX port :( If i can get access to some MAC in next months i update my position on this problem.
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