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  1. @Scott Burns I accept lol
  2. I was unmotivated at the time, as I didn't have much support. Pure ignorance of mine, that is, I did not know how to deal with the lack of motivation.
  3. I've been using Torque3D for many years and what kept me working on it was the ease of creating a game. But when I entered the site for the first time, I didn't feel comfortable ... but what made me move on: Life is Feudal and BeamNG Driver was created there. I believe that attracting more developers will make Torque3D grow. The site is the face of Torque3D, if nobody likes the face, how can they risk knowing it from the inside? I say that, because it took me a long time to know that Torque3D is incredible. And another ... I already created a project to improve the look of the site, b
  4. Thank you my brother. Thank you very much man. After I finished this system, I felt tremendous sastifaction. I believe that every programmer feels when solving an almost "impossible" problem. I am very happy to work with the torque3D HUD and UI. I have other projects that I have already completed, in the future I will share with you. Thank you very much man. I am very impressed with your work. You have a talent for creating beautiful scenarios (with incredible graphics). Invest in your talented guy ... One day, we will work together (as partners).
  5. Forgive me for being late, I was offline for a long time. I took the time to create some things with TorqueScript ... I share with you a simple Compass system that I created using few lines of code and a lot of math. lol The compass Px2sUQDVBcQ
  6. Forgive me for the delay, I was offline ... doing my project is a character with real measurements. In this case I'm doing myself in 3d ... In this case, the headless doll: I will use my body and just change my head and skin color. This makes it a lot easier. Just wanted to know if anyone has done this in Torque3d, because I did not see any option for this type of process or if anyone has done it.
  7. I have a doubt. Can I create a (human) character with a head separated from the body? I see this in many games where the face changes and only the body is kept. Just like in the first person, where the head doesn't appear (arma3, pubg ...), it's just the body. Because I want to make a character that can be changed (man, race ...)
  8. Thank you all. I created a .com domain to share the progress of my project (like your Duion). Do I need to worry about the safety of my brand (like your "Duion")? I'm afraid to copy my brand and claim it. Or even protect my site (logo and names) under the Copyright
  9. Thank you very much, I will follow your orders.
  10. Who already has a game company? Do I need to create a company / company brand before I even have a product (game) to protect the company name or wait until the product is finished? Here in my country (Brazil) it is possible to create a one-person company (individual micro entrepreneur MEI) that costs about $ 15 a month, but to register the brand costs about $ 400 ... For those who are entrepreneurs, I must register everything before? What tips would you give me?
  11. Apparently there are many ways to hide borders. You two were great. I think this will help me and also help other people. Very grateful indeed! Now I see things differently, thanks to you.
  12. I liked your tip ... I have you as a great reference. I would like to play a game based on the region where I live. The map will be divided into two parts; Atlantico and Caatinga Region. Since the player can go anywhere on a closed island. Liked it! But there is a way to sew these terrains so that the lines (borders) are not visible
  13. I work with Qgis, making maps and so on. When I need to make a DEM, I need to turn it into UTM (to have control in meters) and then relate pixels to meters; This is where math comes in. With Torque3D I get the same results. I just related.
  14. I am working with 4096x4096 and 2.5 p/m on a land of 10240mX10240m. For now I see no problem ... Sometimes it is good to risk. As most players have relatively good computers, try to balance the graphics (if the terrain is heavy, eliminate some polygons of some objects to balance).
  15. For example, you can create a terrain larger than 500km² and need to divide it into several grids (example from the map of Life is Feudal). You need an equation for everything to be correct.
  16. Yes, yes, it's much simpler. You can use a 1: 1 cell, so if you create a slightly larger terran you have to change the size of the cell and that's where my equation comes in.
  17. I made a simple equation that makes it easy to calculate the size of a terrain in meters or km sqKM = km²(exe:20.480km*20.480km=419.44Km² HM = height map (exe:2048px) Cell = meters/px sqKm/(HM*2)/HM=Cell (HM*Cell)*(HM*Cell)=sqKm Calc ex: (2048px*2)*(2048px*2)=16.777216km² 16.777216Km²/(2048*2)/2048px=2m/px
  18. It is fully compatible with Torque3D v.3.10.1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ryGnmIsNQg9zKmTghJTWhpEzUZQ8Axd/view?usp=sharing
  19. Working hard on the new site New Logo New nav-bar and banner
  20. True, if possible, I want to participate in the improvement.
  21. Road the blog oficial Steam https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1265922321514182595
  22. The language Lua was created by a Brazilian to facilitate our integration (we brazilians and the world) with scripts. So I find it easier to work with Lua and I want to support other players to create Mods in my future game. Here in Brazil the language Lua is popular.
  23. It is as I have seen other games created, being that they used the Moon. Being them BeamNg.driver and the Life is Feudal
  24. Has anyone tried to replace TorqueScript with the Lua script language? If so, could you help me? Or who knows, put the secret formula here and help other people?
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