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  1. Thanks a Lot Jeff!! Will try it tonight
  2. Thanks Jeff! Mainly the player Code ist difficult for me. Was thinking if i should try to just add a separate player, Like 3daak player instead if mergong the two, but could not yet try.
  3. Hi all, does anybody have the 3daak integrated into the latest dev and would be willing to share it?
  4. Thanks all for the input! I just managed to compile the latest dev, without the DX sdk. Had a look at the basegame template, however in the world editor, there were none of the new components available (FpsGamePlayModule). I will play around more in the next days with dev and also with a 3.10 binary.
  5. Hi all, I read trough jeffs blog and saw what is all coming for 4.0 . With the ECS, it seems the gameplay-code side of T3D will change quite a bit, so I was wondering if it's worth to start a project now in 3.10, or better wait for 4.0? I assume a lot that I would learn now won't apply anymore in 4.0. Is this correct? - Is there somewhere a working version which has the ECS already in? - Is there a way to compile a mostly stable version of T3D without the need of the old directx sdk? Then I have a few more questions regatrding 3.10: - Is there up to date documentation somewhere on how to integrate nvidia physix? Nvidia does not provide the binary anymore, only source, so one has to compile by himself. However which source version do I have to download? After compiling T3D with physix, is there anything additional that has to be done, or is collision and stuff then automatically handled by physix? Would you rather use physix or bullet? Thanks! Andi
  6. Then why such low performance in an almost empty level? I mean, the desert level has nothing except a terrain, scattersky and advanced lighting. This just does not give me much confidence in how it might behave in a bigger level with more art, and probably also other stuff like AI going on. Don't get me wrong , I am not bashing T3D. Are there plans to make T3D support multicore processors better?
  7. i use dx9 and 11. performance is almost the same. the settings are maxed out.
  8. I just tried the RC binaries. I hoped performace would be better, I am running on a I7 6700HQ 6th gen, 16 GB DDR4 RAM and a Nvidia 960M 4 GB videoram notebook. In the outpost Level I get only around 35fps, in the desert around 85fps., running in 1080p fullscreen. Are the fps supposed to be that low on such a system? I also tried an old demo of beamng, which uses torque3d as well, and there I get better frames (a little). What kind of fps do you get?
  9. Great! One question....is the old DirectX SDK still required, or does this compile using the Windows SDK only? I have setup a new machine and want rather not to install the old SDK.
  10. Hi, just checking out T3D current state again. Is compiling using VS2015 now supported out of the box? When ist the next release planned?
  11. After dabbling a few months in UE4, I am back at T3D. Somehow UE4 jsut did not click for me. So I am thinking of going back to T3D, and it seems there is a new release soon. However, as it for sure will take quite some time to finish a game (if ever ;-)), I have a question: T3D at the moment is still using D3D9. Will this be a Problem in the (near) future? I mean, will newer machines maybe not be able to run a T3D game? I know, there is the source, so it can be changed to use D3D11 or whatever comes later....however I know for sure that I will not have the skills to do this. Will D3D9 only be a Problem in the future?
  12. What is the Advantage of using scattersky vs the Basic sun and a skybox? Only the fact that it can use a timeofday object and one can create a day/night cycle easily? Are there any disadvantages in using it? I just noticed the whole lighting is Kind of different, depending on which of the objects I use.
  13. I have a question regarding the shadows. Using a scattersky object, in the inspector under it's advanced lighting tab, it seems like it's possible to Change the type of shadows (PSSM, Dual Parabloid,...). However, it's not possible to select anything else than PSSM, altough the other types are listed as Options. Has this always been like this? And what's the use then of These types?
  14. I just tried the old original T3D 1.1 Pacific demo...and guess what, it runs around 10 fps faster than using the latest T3D 3.7 MIT pacific demo....did you notice the same or might this be something related to my machine or Setup only?
  15. To be sure, there are parts of the engine that are slow, but part of my intent with getting the T3D demos is to give us a very concrete baseline that everyone can use to test. So now that we have a baseline, we can start getting consistent performance figures like what you've been providing and it gives us a clearer picture of what can be optimized. One thing I'd like you to try, is to go into scripts/client/prefs.cs And change $pref::TS::maxInstancingVerts = "200"; To...say, $pref::TS::maxInstancingVerts = 3000"; By default, T3D has a rather low vert count for instancing(it's largely meant for groundclutter with this setup). I've seen some improvement if you up the instancing amount so it kicks in for trees, so if you could test that and let me know how that impacts performance? JeffR, this helps a bit. i get around 5 fps more this way. I know shipped games are heavily optimized, I was just thinking that compared to for example unity, it seems T3D performs worse on the same Hardware. Regarding baked lighting, how would I do this....do I Need to buy purelight from the GG Store?
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