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  1. @Azaezel: I'm sorry that I gave the impression that T3D had become a linux engine, it was just my frustration, and certainly didn't mean to insult anybody. In the days of 3.0 and 3.5 it was a relatively easy job to add the D3D9 refactor to the engine and build it with the windows SDK, but in 3.7 it seems to be a hell of a job (I've just run winmerge to see the differences), so it may be somewhat of a missed change here unfortunately. But if we all know everything on forehand, we were all millionaires. ;)

    And I know that the Linux/OpenGL version was a problem child for a long time (too long maybe). It is only good that we now have the possibility to build for different platforms. I am currently trying to add DX11 support to my game The Master's Eye (again most of the work has been done by Anis and co.) aside DX9, making some progress but still got many unexpected results. I will see what I can do at my side between all the other gamedev stuff.

  2. Nice job guys... BUT... It seems that Torque has become a Linux game engine. :? Now I have the problem that I run Windows7 and when I want to build the engine I still need the bl**dy DirectX SDK! The thing is 5 years old! Also targetting for at least Vista (just because XP is no longer supported) there is no need for it, so why isn't it eliminated?

    In my humble opinion this should also be a thing in 3.8. I still use 3.0 with most of the 3.5 things in it and also the D3D9-refactor which Anis did some time ago. With this refactor it isn't necessary to have the SDK installed.

    Forgive me the rant, but this frustrates me largely.

  3. And that's the spirit I'm trying to promote - be happy that the spam will be cleaned up, be happy that the old information will be preserved, and be happy there is a shiny new place to hang out.


    Hear! Hear! :D

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