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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for helping me and my noobiness. The reason I mention publish: Having a Coppercube mindset, when you ready to share you game you select publish and the format you want your game in. I usually choose the .exe route. But what Coppercube does is put everything pertaining to your level in to one exe file. Theres no configs or DLLs. Just the exe. The workflow for coppercube is incredibly simple. Back to T3D. So for instance, I create a cool FPS. I just ZIP the original T3D folder and share that zip file?
  2. At first I do not want to touch the engine! However, I do not see anything in the game that allows you to build or publish the game you're working on.
  3. Thank you! I will check this out tonight. I guess if I want to compile my T3D game, I will eventually have to succumb to Visual Studio. I have a C++ compiler I was using when I was playing around trying to learn C++ (didn't get too far) I suppose that wouldn't compile my T3D project? (Dev-C++)
  4. So I should not bother with the ChinaTown assets? What about burg? I am having issues getting external objects in the game. I read somewhere (garagegames, I think) that all you have to do is copy an .fbx file into the /art folder and the World Editor will see it and you can import it. Not happening. Also is this a better forum than garagegames?
  5. That's what I am talking about!!!!!!! Marauder2k, did you make this????? This video is making me want to blow off work tomorrow and play with Torque 3D all day!! Duion I was referring to Microsoft Visual Basic. I like it like a rock in my shoe.
  6. Hi All I am aspiring game maker. I have been playing games for awhile. I found Torque3D and I love the way it looks! But as I am trying to learn it, I notice notice a lot of out dated things. I spent a while trying to find the FPS China Something and gave up. Also, would a would be Torque3D game maker have to work closely with MS VB? Not sure if I want to get too deep into to that. I am working parallel with Copper Cube. I just like the look of Torque 3D's looks. Is there a newer tutorial in the works for this software? Thanks!
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