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  1. You guys are the bomb. Thanks a bunch to Duion and Azaezl from the discord for the knowledge. I've got some work to do now :)
  2. Ok wow. I've been living under a rock. Visible mesh collision is pretty badass, Is there a notable performance impact? I mean in my current setup LODs work just fine, only when collision gets involved is there ever a problem. This could be a solution for me. Is there a way I can still include parts of a model that don't have collision? What is "build using metric system"? As like the scaling for my models?
  3. I don't need it to be .dts for any reason these are purly static. As with the lods, I plan to have quite a lot of these and similar structures on screen at times, as I'm going for a "sandbox" experience. I want to save as many resources as possible. So visible collision just takes the visible part of the shape and creates collision around that? how do I apply that to my shape? If it's any consolation, here is a working model made in the exact way I've been making props. https://hostr.co/59tckNifekS7
  4. Torque3D-Release_3_10_1 with physx 3.4 using this as a guide: https://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=1163
  5. plot thickens... I took duion's advice and export as collada.dae and use the engine to convert. I select trailing number for LODs because that's the way milkshape's .dts exporter sorts LODs (left detail size at 2, not sure what this does yet) Otherwise everything was left default when loading in the shape. And what do you know, it works! however, it's 10 times too large, since the DTS exporter I use had a scale option I had set to .1. No big deal right? Scaled the model to .1 in milkshape and export as collada. Crash. What the hell lol? Here are the models in collada.dae format. Only difference is SmallyMcWally has been scaled to .1 https://hostr.co/jRX89rG8Nk56 EDIT: do you guys still use the blender 2.49b .dts exporter or one like this? https://github.com/qoh/io_scene_dts
  6. oh yea, corner didn't have collision to begin with. I thought I had done it that way on purpose. Maby I forgot to name it, been awhile since I modeled all that. :P
  7. As outlined in my topic here: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/143932 I've been having a strange issue when converting my staticShape based prop spawning to tsstatic as part of an upgrade to PhysX. When I try to spawn a TSStatic with a collision mesh I get instant CTD. However without collisions everything proceeds as usual. A problem with my collisions perhaps? Well not quite because I use tsstatic terrain props with collision and they work just fine. Only now that I try to spawn my previously working StaticShapes as TSStatic does the game crash. TLDR: It seems like any model that was once a working static shape with collisions is now a tsstatic that will crash the game instantly. More info can be found in my old topic: http://www.garagegames.com/community/forums/viewthread/143932 Here are my shapes in ms3d and dts format: https://hostr.co/n6ltxWhslddA
  8. DirtNastyGC8

    PhysX 3.4

    First of all: Great resource, I would have been lost without your vids and the info on this post. secondly, I am having an error in game in which when I spawn a static shape via "new StaticShape()" the physics tab is removed from the world editor and my player won't be able to collide with the shape. I'd assume this is my physics engine crashing but I'm not very knowledgeable on debugging this kind of thing. where should I start? edit: so i now understand that staticshapes won't have collision in physx. that's fine, ill just use tsstatics in their place. why exactly does the physics drop down menu in the editor just dissapear sometimes? Are there documents that outline the differences of stock torque physics and physx physics in reguards to raycasting, collision detection, etc..?
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