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  1. Thanks for answer. I download Pacific Demo and I am able run it even on advanced settings. Graphics look good but it is not playable, if I scale down graphic, it is still not good. Maybe Pacific Demo is not good optimized, because I play games (on Intel HD 3000) which looks better then PacificDemo on low settings. And on pacific demo wasn't enemies with AI. But I hope if I do similar graphic to games I played, it will be ok.
  2. Hello I am not new in C++ but not professional. I want create some game use C++ to improve my C++ and for fun. Some questions: 1. Is possible write game only in C++ without Torque3D script? Are there some tutorials about how to start this kind of project? 2. How easy is integrate external GUI in to engine? Does I need change source code, or can be it done with compiled binaries? 3. How good is Torque3D GUI? Is fully skinable? I have quick look and it looks like Window GUI and didn't find any info about how to change skin, but maybe I am overlook this. 4. Can I build levels and worlds in Editor and then working with saved levels in C++? 5. Can I run Torque3D on Intel HD 3000 (laptop graphic card)?
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