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  1. That's what I do for the GPU and it's relatively easy, but on the CPU ..... well, I'm not saying it's impossible but It will certainly make things a royal pain in the ass for collision and just the fact I no longer have a uniform coordinate system. It's possible the extra stuff you would need to support it, would outweigh any performance gains you got from using single precision. I really don't see why I should suffer with this. I think it would be easier to just use Direct X or port an existing engine. Also as far as I know most people doing this kind of stuff are using double and custom engines so that tells me that it's probably the way I should go.
  2. OK well thanks for the info. I'll search around a bit more but I'm a pretty competent programmer so if I can't find anything else I might consider it.
  3. So apparently I fist posted this in the wrong forum so let's try again ......... I'm currently working on a planetary voxel engine (not like Minecraft but one that generates smooth terrain) . I've got it to the point where I it can generate planets at run-time via fractals (or other functions), it supports LOD with chunking, generates normals and it seems to have good performance. Currently I only have cursory wire frame graphics using Direct X 11. I would like to see if I can get it working with a game engine but I find most of them don't support double precision. To be more specific, I need it on the CPU side. I don't need or want it on the GPU. In addition I would also like to be able to use my own physics since the my engine currently drops everything directly into an octree so it kind of makes sense for me to do it. I'm wondering if Torque 3D can handle this or am I stuck with Direct X. Thanks in advance.
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