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  1. Just use export (string pattern, string filename="", bool append=false) Like so. export("$pref::*", "prefs.cs", false); Then exec your pref file when you launch your game.
  2. I honestly wonder why no tutorial really mentions what exactly each option means. GuiHorizontalSizing: aspectCenter aspectLeft AspectRight center right width left relative windowRelative GuiVerticalSizing: aspectCenter aspectBottom AspectTop center bottom top height relative windowRelative
  3. aMoistKite


    I had added MySQL support myself not too long ago since a lot of the old resources did not really work anymore. I will see if I can clean up the code a bit and post it.
  4. I don't really like to necro posts but I am wondering how this went down.
  5. So I am making a game with a diablo style of movement and when the player clicks on an npc to say talk to them i need to get the point that is between the player and the npc that is a set distance from the npc to move the player to. I am honestly bad at math so if anyone could help me with this? I had been searching around on google and got something like this: %interactionDistance = 4; %interactX = %objectX + (%playerX - %objectX) / %interactionDistance; %interactY = %objectY + (%playerY - %objectY) / %interactionDistance; but it only moves the player closer with the father away the player is.
  6. Update: I was able to connect. The tutorial does not mention you need to use: setNetPort(); on the client as well.
  7. Surely it is down to be something the tutorial I followed is missing and not because I am not using one of the default templates.
  8. I am actually using this blank/empty template that does not have any networking.
  9. If I test with the full game template (using the same compiled exe) I can run a dedicated server and join from the same machine. But when I do yhe same with my game (using a blank template) I can't connect.
  10. Then why does work if I say use the full game template?
  11. I have been trying to get a basic network test going following this tutorial and i have been unable to get it to work (they are on the same machine). The client just gets stuck saying "Sending Connect challenge Request". I know it can't be a network issue since if i launch a dedicated server and a client using something like the full template I can connect to it just fine. Is there something the tutorial is missing?
  12. I am well aware. I need to DEFINE the array in C++ THEN pass it to torquescript. I am using MySQL and I have to access it in C++ then pass it to torquescript.
  13. %username = %mydata["row", "collum"]; something along those lines. I can't find any examples how to create said array in C++ and pass it to tourqescript.
  14. I don't think that implementation would work for what I need. I will go back to my original question, how do you define a 2D array in C++ and pass it to torquescript? I have been digging around in the source code and i can't find any examples of this.
  15. I was meaning an example how to define one in C++ and pass one it to torquescript.
  16. I do not see any cmake option for sqlite, and all the resources i could find on it over on garagegames have dead links. SQLite would not work for my application anyway.
  17. So could anyone give me some examples?
  18. I guess it does not need to do exactly that. I am simply pulling data from a database but since i need to access the database very often I wanted as much of the work done in C++ as possible for performance.
  19. How would i go about creating a 2D array in C++ and passing off to torquescript so that it would return like so: %data = funcThatMakeArrays(); echo(%data[1, "index2"]);
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