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  1. Ok,, i have come to the point of doing alpha tests on my work but have run into a bit of a hiccup. To run networktests (internet) i ofcourse need a masterserver, which i have, but,,,, when i fire up the masterserver i can't find neither that OR the local server. The gameserver and the master find each other np, but the game can't see the gameserver when the master is running and on top can't connect to the master :-( ! I am not exactly sure where i am screwing up tbh (as it don't work i AM assuming i have made a bummer), so,, does any of u guys have an idea (or is it actually the simplest of things,, that i need to setup a separate machine for the servers to be able to see it *looks at wallet and sighs*). Thanks in advance.
  2. I ran into a (imho) VERY weird thing today as i was about to continue work on mylittle petproject. As i opened the gameengine to start work, i click my project,, it starts reading the files, and as it finishes the missionfile and starts on the objects,,, it goes to the background and does nothing more. I was working on my game yesterday, and there was NO issues whatsoever, but today, i can't get into the worldeditor and continue. Has anyone else ever expirienced this, and if so, wtf is wrong?? I have no clues asto what to do :(
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