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  1. I've done a thing! I created a plug-in for IntelliJ (Open Source version is supported) that adds TorqueScript support. Behold: TorqueScript Language Support - Plugins | JetBrains It can be found from inside the IntelliJ plug-in menu as well. Feature highlights: Highlighting and code-completion Support for builtin functions and classes Debugger support It's still rough around the edges, but I'd love to hear if you use it and if you have any feedback as it is currently under active development. GitHub - lukaspj/IDEA-TorqueScriptLanguage
  2. If only I had time
  3. Ah yes, the great conspiracy of the evil shadow organization running Torque3D, also known as the few meaningfully contributing developers. @SteeleDriver it’s mainly about not messing up syntax editors. It’s annoying having to deal with syntax highlighting for TorqueScript in visual studio code. There were also a great deal of confusion in regards to marketing, since it would show in GitHub as a C# project. Other options that were aired at the time was “.ts” and “.tcs”. ts is typescript it had similar issues to “.cs” You can change it back though! There’s a CMake option called TORQUE_SCRIPT_EXTENSION there might still be a few quirks that are still getting worked on, in regards to renaming the files though
  4. I think people are still learning how to navigate the new site and how to discover new posts I would have signed up as well, but not sure I'm deserving of such power. Also i live in Denmark so I reckon logistics would be difficult!
  5. Hi @lucazani, What Duion means is that you have to clarify what you expect from a "Drag and Drop" game engine. Most Game Engines are very far from "Drag and Drop" and the Torque engines are as far away from Drag and Drop as you can get. If you seek a simple game engine, perhaps Game Maker is your best bet? In any case, Torque3D is definitely not the engine you are seeking.
  6. Hey, @shadowMaker3697 and welcome! If possible, you can join the Discord if you need some more direct and quick response to some of your questions here! Regarding the vs2015 offline installer, you don’t need visual studio per se, but it’s certainly the easiest way to compile the engine. You can use a newer version if you get your hands on it, doesn’t have to be 2015 version. However if you don’t need to modify the source code, you can go pre-built binaries and scripting instead as well! It’s a much quicker way to get started with T3D.
  7. Hi guys, Just a quick update. My PR has recently been merged with 4.0 so it now supports C# interop! I'm still working on a separate branch for the C# projects, mostly because I'm looking at CMake integration. I have a new working example: https://github.com/lukaspj/T3DSharp-CoinCollection It now closely resembles working with stock T3D modules like the FPSGameplay, there is a how-to in the README. It runs off of this special branch: https://github.com/lukaspj/Torque3D/tree/feature/csharp-cmake-csproj-style Which does two things: Renames TorqueScript file extension from .cs to .ts Adds a C# Module to CMake With these two changes, it should be fairly more stream-lined to get up-and-running with C# in Torque3D
  8. Well if you are looking to do stuff like that, you can check out: https://github.com/jamesu/korkscript :D
  9. Hey guys, Just a quick for-fun project I did, a website where you can evaluate TorqueScript snippets: https://t3deval.lukasj.org/ The motivation was to have a quick way of checking "Is this valid TorqueScript?". It has a 10 seconds timeout and you can't access the internet from within the script. I know it looks like crap, but it was just a quickie. It does not hold up against malicious attacks, you can DOS it pretty easily, but it should hold up against PEBCAK errors.
  10. Btw, if anyone want to improve the design of the forums, they can send me html and/or CSS files anytime. I can send the current files if anyone wants to look into that.
  11. I’m only in charge of the forums, not the landing page. The forums use phpBB and should be generally SEO optimized, but the design could use a helping hand. @JeffR talked about organizing a “webgru” group to spearhead website efforts and general marketing I believe. Don’t know what the status on that is.
  12. Status Update All the marked issues have been migrated: https://github.com/Torque3D/Torque3D/issues In case anyone is interested, I used the following piece of Go to migrate: https://gist.github.com/lukaspj/4f3fed8afa16f2f8e7c85aa9605b1fa3 So the next steps are: Review the last 1 issue: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12EB_3cYsy6aCveiyGV6JfAkWdQuWhR4oUkycYjxk3CY/edit#gid=0&fvid=1086311177 Archive the old repository (with a notice in the README) Go through all the PR's and point them to the 4.0 branch on Torque3D/Torque3D
  13. You did not misread, it took a while though Next step is figuring out how to migrate the issues!
  14. Comrade @practicing01 I support you in this endeavour because running a forum is hard and I could use the money for vodka. On a serious note, please stop name-calling @Duion, you are free to criticize, if you are constructive.
  15. I'd be interested in seeing the actual discussion where this decision was made, was it a forum post? Tbh from what you're writing here, it sounds less like you being ignored and more like an active decision not to include it in the main repo. But, it doesn't have to be in the main repo, you can create cool art and put it in another repo or as you did on your own website. Then, everyone interested can get it freely! That's arguably just as good as having it in the main repo
  16. The new default art assets you made, is that a pr? Can't find it with a superficial search. I'd like to see an example of how you've been wronged, you seem to suggest a maliciousness behind it. I admit that I have not deleted people from the SC list on the forums, it's a communication problem where I didn't really keep up-to-date on the SC work so I just didn't pick up on it, and it doesn't seem to really matter now. Assuming that is the list you're referring to, then I can clean up the list tomorrow if that is important to you.
  17. I have acknowledged that little happens on social media and the website news etc. I'm not contesting that. I would contest that nothing happens at all, and I think getting concrete in what your specific pain is, is important. Otherwise I would have assumed you meant engine-wise. Let's put all that aside, what do you propose the solution is? What's stopping you from addressing the problem? Again, this is not a bit. It's a genuine question.
  18. Hi! So, @Happenstance made this post describing the staleness of the current repository over at https://github.com/garagegames/torque3d I asked around and got some background, @JeffR has write-access but GG still owns that repository. As a result, @JeffR can't give other people write-access, which means he's the only one that can merge PR's, close issues, assign labels etc. basically we can do nothing. Therefore we need to migrate to a new repository, an organization has been made for this purpose: https://github.com/Torque3D but we need to migrate any PR's and issues that are still relevant and close any issues that are no longer relevant. @JeffR doesn't have time for this, so it falls on the community to lift this task if we want any progress on this. In the previously mentioned thread, it seems that there is a general request for having more people included in the general work is being done, so here is your chance to contribute back to the community! I have created a Google Sheets document here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12EB_3cYsy6aCveiyGV6JfAkWdQuWhR4oUkycYjxk3CY Please review as many issues as you can and report which should be migrated in the Google Sheets.
  19. @Duion the main thing I'm trying to dig into here is that "nothing gets done" is a very vague opinion. I would much prefer it to be a lot more concrete, otherwise there isn't really anything to act on. And it might be that having a website isn't necessarily PR, but a landing page and a news blog is fairly deep into PR territory. However we needn't make a big deal of what the term PR means, it was mostly an acknowledgement of the fact that your main issues doesn't seem to be directly with engine development, and rather with social media, news blogs, websites etc. Which is a very different skillset/task than what someone such as @JeffR spends most of his time on, and thus we would definitely need different hands to work on that. I still don't quite understand the need for an expert in art that can review people's art because I don't understand what art it is that expert needs to review. Is it website designs, 3D models in-engine or something else?
  20. @Duion So in my mind a news blog and update og website is very much contained in the term "Public Relations" I don't know why we need someone in a steering committee to rate people's art? Could you elaborate on that because I don't quite understand it. The wiki is inactive yes, but anyone can contribute to it, no reviews or approvals necessary afaik. So I don't think we need a steering committee for something that people don't contribute to. That's just the state of the community. @Happenstance you raise some valid points, and address some of them yourself. I agree that more could be done in terms of PR, but we need competent people that want to review, approve and merge these PRs, but it's definitely something that could be looked at. I wonder how many people that we could gather that would be willing/able to review PRs and issues regularly. If anyone here is interested in helping with that, I would recommend hitting up @JeffR I'm sure he would welcome it
  21. Alright, could you come with another example aside from PR?
  22. Alright, so your main gripe here is the PR efforts? And you would like a consolidated group of people in charge of social media, website and the like? Please let me know if I've misinterpreted. That seems sensible @JeffR does that make sense to you as well? The issue can be finding a group of people willing to take on this kind of tedious tasks and that doesn't abuse the opportunity to spread their own opinions and messages. So I think that such a group should adhere to a CoC and there should be some control, at least in the beginning. I guess that's details we don't have to discuss in this thread.
  23. @Duion I'm just asking for genuine input here. I'm trying to figure out what your issue with the current organization is. I'm not quite sure I agree on what you wrote. I do not believe it makes sense to have a group of 3-5 people discussing the direction of the engine when the active pool of developers is as small as it is. As it stands, the direction of the engine is whatever anyone decides to take it, and any "Steering Committee"-esque group would only act as gatekeepers - something you need development experience and a deep knowledge of the engine to do properly. At least based on the contributions that I have seen to the engine so far. It would be ideal to be able to direct and steer the direction of the engine, but with our current man-power, that is simply not possible. So, I find it hard to put my finger on what exactly we need from a "Steering Committee", what would be the purpose of assigning a group of people to that role? They would essentially be managing a non-existent group of people as I see it. Could you come with examples of what such a group of people would contribute with? I.e. if we had 3 people in such a group, what would their "product" be? I find the notion of "direction" a little bit too vague.
  24. Alright, so what people do you think he should be looking for? Is it forum moderators or something else? I'm genuinely asking, it's not a bit.
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