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  1. Thank you irei1as. This link is more akin to what I need. Best regards Simone
  2. Dear Azaezel, thanks for the link :) The screenshot functionality requires to save to a file; this would not do because we are sampling multiple times per second and using the filesystem would be a huge bottleneck. On the other side, If I understood correctly, this screenshot is taken on the current 'viewport' (I don't know if it is correct terminology); we require to take multiple camera views at the same time. Does anybody know if it is possible to capture multiple cameras view in a fast way (not passing through a file)?
  3. Hello everybody, I'm a beginner in Torque3D but a competent programmer. I was able to run a basic project on macOS. I want to couple a Torque3D world with an external AI (python) and I need to feed multiple camera views to my neural net. What I need is to capture a frame buffer/ image buffer, whatever, of one or more Torque3D cameras. I looked and searched for some API, but I was not able to find anything useful. Anybody could help? Some link or information? Thanks in advance Best regards Simone
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