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  1. Great news XIXWYRMEXIX. Thanks alot, just made quick paint for model and it moved :)
  2. Hi, ive been searching for info on custom asset creation, but not finding any info on what are the requirements for vegetation models to be affected by wind. Model loads ok and is visible, but not affected by wind. I looked into sample tree provided with an engine and tried to name objects (trunk,leaves) with end 300 (think that has somehow to do with it), and create similar model structure in blender, but it has no effect. I know how to set up properties for model to be afected by wind, so defaultree is affected by wind and mymodel not. So mabe someone can give me guides on how to make trees and grass to be afected by wind(bend, move,etc.). Or maybe someone can give me a link to read info on this subject. Thanks in advance. Below see the attachment of my model structure in blender.
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