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  1. @ JeffR: I did the same, and the particles work when you first mount the aircraft, but if you get out, and back in, they go away. Wondering now if its an issue with vehicle mounting scripts... Will try with devHead tonight...
  2. I've posted the model I'm using here: http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=930&p=7504#p7504
  3. Greets all: Wondering if anyone out there has tested flyingVehicles with 3.10rc2. I have a added an aircraft model that has worked perfectly with every version from 1.1 to 3.8 to a new 3.10rc2 project using the Full template. Using only stock particles and without any changes to the code, I can mount the vehicle and it appears to behave correctly but the contrail and boost particles don't render. Anyone else tried this? Note I have changed player.cs to allow mounting to flyingVehicles, and added a function to the vehicleMap in defaultBind.cs to enable $mvTrigger3 (which is 'turbo boost
  4. Gibby

    Arcane FX

    That would be great! IMHO AFX is so solid and plays so well with the rest of the code it should just become part of the engine, especially the effectron system. The demo that it came with makes it appear to be oriented toward WOW style games but it really helps with whatever genre/gametype/application you'd use it for. Need to animate propellors/ceiling fans? Need particle effects that follow paths and stay in sync? Need model animation and script functions to play well together? AFX helps with all of these things, even in projects that don't have 'magic' or 'spells'...
  5. Greets all: Given the renewed interest in an OSX port of T3D and of T3D in general, I've decided to make an OSX how-to my priority. To that end, I'm taking Luis' suggestion and would like to form an ad hoc team to help get it done and tested. I myself an not a real coder, per se, but have considerable experience with Torque on Macs. I've had it working in OSX up to version 3.62 and am updating one of my Macs to compile 3.7 with the intention of writing a wiki. If you are a mac user with experience with xCode, we need your help. If you own a mac and would be willing to help test/troublesh
  6. FWIW [code2=groovy] 7gKYT5NpZeg// your video number [/youtube[/code2]
  7. yeah, sure is, trying to figure out how to do that correctly...
  8. ummm, can someone explain how I can embed my youTube vids in BBCode? :geek:
  9. while I'm a DIY guy, and an old school torquer, might I remind you all that: 0 * 0.05 = 0; At the end of the day, if your open source game doesn't ever get released because you've spent all your time and resources on engine tech, the MIT license has become a moot point...
  10. Great to see you here, Q!
  11. Gibby

    Hey there

    Bienvenidos, homie!
  12. Between Preview, through 1.1, 1.2, then the MIT versions, there's been numerous changes. At least now it seems to be going in a consistent direction - the 'sickhead' years were rough, as many things changed without much notice or discussion... and yes, very glad to see walkabout in 3.7 [isn't it in there now?]
  13. @AndyWright: BTW in answer to your question, land-based vehicles use Walkabout/Recast, airborne use pre/random generated paths and seaborne a combination of the two. Some of the effects such as D-Day style landing craft, submarines and rescue flyers use pathShapes and forcePaths as well. It's not as intensive as Deepscratch's 'Drive AVK' or BeamNG's 'Drive' so there's no decal-following, advanced physics, etc. Just some simple code mods that allow you to play with simple vehicles...
  14. Sean Rice and I had one nearly done some time ago, but life and the endless changes in T3D held it up. We've recently worked out releasing it on Github, and I'm updating it to 3.6+ now. It'll include a rigged/teamed jet/space plane, a hovercraft, a handful of support models plus some changes to the scripts to allow multiple weapon mounting/firing, as well as basic vehicle AI. I have a blocked out level to test my paths on but would like something good-looking to use ;) @AndyWright: I'll hit you up later this weekend...
  15. Well since you asked, I need a test terrain to use for testing/showing off a vehicle kit I'm releasing on GIT. It's a basic vehicle starter kit for T3D 8-) with hovers, flyers, spaceships, submarines, Mechs, etc with AI for each type.I'm finishing up the scripts/code now, and have been using some rough test levels as well as some of yours - something dedicated that works with the scripts would be great...
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