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  1. I already talked with 2 devs but I'm not sure that the first was one and the second (way more serious) never talked about tactic before. So it's still not perfect. But I think that currently the biggest problem is to find someone who like tactic which is extremly rare today. Despite the still big community, ironicly most of dev surrender before the battle.
  2. Yes exactly. Then you are also right there are not a lot of Torque dev. And indeed one who would accept revshare is even rarer and added to this he have to like "deep" tactic which is even rarer lol. So yes it's not going to be easy. I removed the last part. Thank again
  3. I completly changed the presentation again is it clearer ?
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, it helps me a lot. First sorry for the link (it should now work). Then I would like to ask you a question, you seem to know about what you are talking. You said: Here is something I don't understand. Are you telling me: if I know that my project will be a success, it's better to pay a dev 1500$ per month (which should cost between 4000$ and 8000$) and then get the success for me alone rather than find a dev who will work for free (to begin) but later will earn 50000$ through revshare (and may have an opportunity later to work on a new project) ?
  5. If you send me a pm don't forget to accept pm too, because I received one from someone who disabled it so I can't reply.
  6. Hello, so shortly, I'm looking for a young skillfull dev who would like to work with me on a great tactical TBS (it should even be TBT) project, against REVSHARE. I know today a lot of devs work with ideas. They no longer deal with a concept (and avoid to have a "conceptor"). It's true, it's completly a different way to work. But I'm still a conceptor (and not a dev) and I have the whole paper mock-up (maybe "mock-up" is not the right term). There is absolutly nothing to think everything is already done, even the balance, I already tested it and made some battle with myself. So it's complet
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